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Instagram Mentions Make Me SMILE!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Just posting a little good news! I was quoted on Chopra's IG page (824K followers) recently. My own IG following is pretty humble compared to that, so I'm always grateful when my words, energy, and healing intentions can reach a wider audience. 💗

I definitely miss working at the Chopra Center in California. It was a dream job!! So much fun and so meaningful on many levels. But I have enjoyed the freedom of being mobile this year, despite the overall challenges 2020 has had for us. I have used my time to write more (blog posts for Chopra as well as 3 books I am working on), start a YouTube channel, and focus a lot of my energy on educational programs within my practice (Mentorships I-IV + Astro Apprenticeship--info under the "Services" tab). I have also been making some art, writing poems, and surfing! Life is good!

I've suggested a special VIP mentorship/educational program with me to Chopra, so that could be in possibility pool for the future. We'll see.

Click the photo below to visit my quote on Chopra's IG, if you'd like to see it. The quote came from an article I wrote on "How to Embrace Uncertainty" for the Chopra blog.

Learning to surrender is challenging, but it's been a part of life for spiritual seekers for thousands of years. There's much to be gained in the process of practice.

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