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Connect with your body. Understand your mind.

Women's Wisdom Path for Teens

This is my teen-specific mind-body-spirit coaching program. For the entirety of my career I have felt a connection with adolescent and young adult women. In med school I intended to become an Adolescent Medicine specialist (a branch of academic pediatrics) and pursued that path initially after graduation. I soon realized that I enjoyed working with a range of people and was happiest focusing on holistic approaches. So, I moved away from the specificity of Adolescent Medicine, but I still really enjoy helping teens (women especially, since I am a woman, but some men, too!!) regarding self-esteem, body image, eating disorders, mood stability, anxiety, path finding, spiritual development, family harmony, and holistic health education. This program is my way to give a portion of my efforts to one of the original impulses within my career and do my best to help a younger generation of seekers rise to their potential.

The Structure

What's Included

  • 1 x 90-minute Ayurvedic, general health coaching, or Integrative Psychiatry consultation to evaluate any mental, physical, and spiritual imbalances that are present. For women without any psychiatric complaints (anxiety, depression, insomnia), we'll go with the general coaching consultation or Ayurvedic evaluation.

  • 8 x 75-minute 1:1 holistic coaching sessions with me, following the carefully designed teen-specific mind, body, spirit templates I created for this program.

  • Coaching sessions include clear objectives + structure and build on each other. There are exploratory and problem solving exercises, guided imagery/light hypnosis (for those who relax easily), journal prompts, herbal recommendations, nutrition advice, behavioral strategies, meditation and yoga instruction, holistic health education, spiritual direction, and homework.

  • Each of these sessions is designed to help the young woman get to know herself better, develop her spirituality, explore her thoughts and emotions, improve her ability to care for herself (physically, emotionally, and spiritually), process challenges from the past (including family patterns), and begin to understand her gifts and purpose.

  • One supportive email check-in per week (or every other week, depending on how we space the sessions) is also included. It will contain a mix of objectives, exercises, and motivational support.

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The Problem

What Led You Here

  • Are you struggling with your health or your hormones?

  • Feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, or confused about your path or purpose in life?

  • Facing challenges within your family or friend group?

  • Curious about holistic health or nutrition and would like to learn more?

  • Struggle with self-esteem, self-love, comparisons, body image, and/or eating issues?

  • Need help with focus and organization? Or perhaps the opposite, learning to relax and not push yourself so hard?

  • Interested in astrology, spirituality, tarot, and other esoteric things?

  • Want to develop your intuition?

  • Interested to know more about your purpose?

The Promise

What to Expect

  • Empowerment regarding your ability to understand and manage your own mood, stress, or anxiety

  • Increased peace and understanding regarding family issues or challenges, if present

  • Improved self-esteem and self-compassion

  • Growing understand of how to nourish and care for the self in a balanced and holistic way

  • Elevated motivation and inspiration for life

  • Improvements in multiple dimensions of wellbeing (nutrition, exercise, creativity, relationships, work, home, physical health, spirituality, and mental health)

  • Enhanced connection to yourself and your life

  • Increased tolerance of disappointments, distress, and the unknown

  • Improved understanding of and connection to your intuition

  • Increased knowledge about esoteric things, if interested (astrology, energy medicine, tarot, shamanic skills, plant and animal spirits, and more)

  • Elevated EXCITEMENT for giving your gifts and living your unique life.


The Archetype

The Priestess

  • The Priestess is the archetype that inspired this program.
  • The Priestess is a spiritual seeker who approaches self-development and service of others with integrity, passion, devotion, and grace.
  • In ancient times, the High Priestess was a mature and masterful teacher, a guide for the younger priestess acolytes.
  • Priestesses tended to live together in temples or temple-like environments so they could pursue their studies and growth in a focused way.
  • Inspired by the Priestess archetype, I will attempt to create a degree of sacred space in each session.
  • Participants of this program will be working with me, a natural priestess, to stimulate the innate priestess archetype within themselves.
  • An external teacher can activate a student's potential, though the student must do the work that leads to empowerment and transformation.
  • The Priestess archetype informs us how to seek and how to serve. She possibly has already spoken to you if you are curious about my work or this page.

The Investment

What You Are Purchasing

  • My expertise and efforts in carefully designing and crafting this program and its curriculum

  • Private time with a mythical guide, experienced healer, knowledgeable educator, and skilled coach

  • Expert astrological and intuitive insight every step of the way

  • A closer relationship with yourself

  • A transformational experience that will expand your mind, deepen your spirituality, and recalibrate your life


The Price

The cost of this mythic, empowering, and educational journey is


Are you ready to take a path that leads into your soul?

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