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Some Video Content

Check out a few introduction/welcome vids, as well as the rest of the content here, to see and hear from me in several different environments and contexts.

IMG_1778 2_edited_edited.jpg

This is an intro vid I made on St. Simons Island, GA (where I'm from) in Jan 2022. The special thing here is a subtle cameo by my SOUTHERN accent, which shows itself more when I'm back in the South.

This is a slightly longer intro vid with info about my specialties and the integrative nature of my work. Recorded in Tucson, AZ - September 2022

My magical side...

A video clip of me teaching at the University of Arizona in 2017. I taught for the U of A for 8 years. Re: the question at the end, my preference is to skip standard mushrooms and opt for medicinal varieties instead (shiitake, maitake, reishi, chaga, lion's mane, etc.)

A video clip of me hiking in North Carolina 2022 - Ecotherapy in action!

Teaching at UCSD Med School 2018 - Watch this for an anxiety tip and a story from my medical training.

Teaching at UCSD Med School 2019 - more
anxiety advice in this one!

Teaching at UCSD Med School 2019 - this one is fun!

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