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Hello and Welcome!

I am Kayse Budd, a holistic health coach, psychiatrist, yogi, artist, writer, and astrologer. I am a unique healer. I designed this page to introduce you to my practice and explain my colorful and creative array of offerings. To learn more about me, read my bio here.

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    First Things First...   


How to Work with Me

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Comprehensive Offerings

These offer Deeper Work, Longer-Term Connection, and Greatest Healing Potency. Recommended if you have the time, energy, and finances to invest in full transformation.

I designed a comprehensive, structured set of Archetypal Coaching Programs in 2022, each with their own unique curriculum. These programs are well-organized, with goals, objectives, core content, in-session exercises, and homework. Archetypal Coaching is a mixed coaching-healing-educational experience designed to create transformation.


I have a professional training program/apprenticeship for astrology. It is a 1:1 (private) program with a variety of tiers (4w to 4+months) that can be used to take someone to a fully professional level of knowledge and practice. It can also take someone to a semi-professional level, or it can be used to learn more at any stage. I also have a 10-week  professional tarot reading program and a 1:1 program on "Developing Intuition".

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I have four different mentorships. Three are educational. Two of my programs train people as holistic health coaches. One of the mentorships is a sort of "mystery school" for spiritual growth, guided by the chakra system. There is one open-concept mentorship for purpose-finding/career coaching and general professional or personal development.

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One- or Several-Time Offerings

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These are my introductory offerings. They are excellent ways to experience a consultation prior to a longer-term program or to explore your astrology, health, or psychology once, Twice, or intermittently.
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Astrology is my most popular service and is a natural way to enter my practice. I have been featured in MindBodyGreen and Vogue as an astrologic expert and have worked with multiple celebrity clients over the years.. There are multiple different astrology offerings. Many clients meet me through an astrology session and stay in the practice for a course of coaching or therapy,


I was trained in Ayurveda during my years at the Chopra Center. I have also studied Chinese medicine, Western Herbalism, and nutrition. I am knowledgeable about a wide-range of evidence-based holistic health topics and treatments. Health coaching is a great way to enter the practice with health concerns of any type, regardless of the state or country of your residence.


Holistic Psychiatry evaluations are possible in CA, CO, and AZ. I have practiced Holistic Psychiatry for 14 years and taught at UAz, UCLA, and UCSD. I am extremely knowledgeable about non-pharmacologic treatment of mental health concerns. Psychotherapy may be possible in some cases. Clients from other locations can join the practice for coaching for a less medical (but still holistic) approach.

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General Coaching sessions are available in any state or country. They are a good option if you don't have any specific or pressing physical health concerns and are primarily looking for motivational (goal-oriented) work, general or spiritual guidance, self-growth, and activation. These sessions are upbeat and inspirational. There is some structure in these sessions but less than the longer coaching programs. above.

If You want to go at your own pace ...





I have two downloadable programs at the moment. The first is on Holistic Mental Health + Pathfinding, two of my specialties. The other is on Resiliency.




I have a few 20-25 min video classes on holistic and spiritual topics. These are quite informative and very reasonably priced. A great value!


Here are a few of my ebooks. I enjoy writing and creating digital art. I did the graphic design for these books myself, making them beautiful, as well as informative.

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If you're not quite ready...

But want to Enjoy my free options...

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Check out posts about my travels/life as a digital nomad. There are also posts about astrology, psychology, my background, and more!



I am a passionate yogi + yoga instructor with 20+ years experience (25 yr practicing, 20 years teaching). Explore some of my history with this ancient practice and the role it has played in my life

Freebie Books

I have created a few freebie books. One is a gift if you join my email list. The other is a gift just for visiting my site.



I have been super artsy all my life. Art was definitely my "favorite subject" in school. Making things is fun and plays a big role in my personal wellness + happiness. I have a very whimsical sense of style, which art helps me express.

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You can check me out in various contexts on this page. Explore a few "intro" videos and some brief educational content taken from lectures I gave at UAz and UCSD Med Schools back in 2017-2019.


I love to write. Sometimes, when I'm in the right mood, a muse visits and deposits a creative collection of ideas in my mind. I've posted some of the resultant word art on my blog.


get to know me on Insta, As Well

Have Questions? Email me here.

Thanks for your interest in my work!

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Here to inspire your heart + Mind!

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