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Become a Health Coach

Learn from an integrative physician & med school professor with 12+ years experience!

I have functioned as a health coach for most of my career, and I have also taught at 3 different medical schools.  I have mentored many students inside and outside of the formal classroom. I've crafted a program to share my knowledge & teach others how to serve in a health coaching/educator role.  

I have two different tracks for people interested in training to become a health coach.  Mentorship I is for people who already have a professional service degree (NP, MD, PhD, MA, DO), and Mentorship II is for people without this background.  

Visit the Mentorship pages via the embedded links above for more information about these offerings, including curriculum structure and application procedure.  

This course & mentorship experience is evidence-based and backed by science.

In this program you will experience your own mind-body-spirit reset and learn to help others THRIVE!!

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