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Develop Your Intuition

This course came into being as a result of multiple loving + lovely clients and friends in my various Facebook groups (or Instagram) asking for it.  Many people were curious about how I've managed to develop and use my intuitive abilities within my work and life.  So, I created a course designed to help people connect more to their higher self and to their own hearts.  Syncing up these two is a key to developing intuition.  


Through this course students will  learn about the 4 main types of intuition that I have observed in myself and in the world, in general.  I call them "earth intuition", "air intuition", "fire intuition", and "water intuition".  We'll explore each of these types with examples and exercises.  The student will learn to experiment, trust the wisdom that comes, and apply it not just regularly, but constantly.


In addition to lessons on the 4 types of intuition, this program also includes information on "Raising Your Vibration" since a clear channel and open heart is important in amplifying your intuition.  We'll discuss intuitive tools (such as tarot and astrology, each which have their own courses here on my site) and the relationship between intuition, synchronicity, and manifesting.  

To Apply:  Fill out the "Educational Courses" paperwork under the "Services>>Client Paperwork" tab.  Return it to my email  Sessions are usually on Tu or Thurs.  Occasionally there is a waitlist or wait of a few weeks to get a session time, but people are on different schedules within my programs, so someone is usually finishing up just when someone else is ready to start.  


Course Design:  This program includes 8 90-min sessions that will be about 2/3s lesson content and 1/3 coaching, processing, and exercises.  

Lesson 1: Intro - role of trust, role of heart, role of chakras, role of astrology, role of vibration, intro to the 4 types of intuition, purpose of intuition, "Am I an empath?" 

Lesson 2: Water Element Intuition I

Lesson 3: Water Element Intuition II

Lesson 4: Earth Element Intuition I

Lesson 5: Earth Element Intuition II

Lesson 6: Fire Element Intuition

Lesson 7: Air Element Intuition

Lesson 8: Conclusion - manifesting, synchronicity, signs from nature, dharma, intuitive tools (tarot, astrology, pendulums, etc.), distinguishing fear from intuition, shielding, connecting to your higher self, raising your vibration

Price:  $1551  

A personalized astrology reading may be added for $155 (60 minutes), a discount from the usual price.  

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