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A Self-Paced 3-Part Program to Reduce Stress, Reverse Burnout & Enhance Resiliency

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Presented by Kayse Budd, MD

"I healed my own burnout and adrenal fatigue and consistently keep my life-long anxiety to an absolute easy minimum with the strategies I teach in this program. It has worked for countess patients in my holistic psychiatry practice over the years and can help you, too!" 

-Kayse Budd

In this program we will cover

Who this program is for

  • Professionals or students with burnout

  • Anyone who is easily stressed out

  • Individuals with signs of adrenal fatigue (insomnia, low energy, anxiety, restlessness, low blood pressure, craving salt/sugar, body aches, digestive issues)

  • People with sensitive nervous systems and a tendency towards anxiety

  • Anyone disconnected from their sense of purpose - their DREAM - and experiencing a spiritual crisis.

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What This Program Is...

I originally created the slides for this program as part of a special lectureship I was awarded at UCLA Medical School/Cedars Sinai in 2021 to teach the medical staff holistic approaches to stress, resiliency, and burnout. I am very artistic, and scientific studies in environmental psychology have proven that just looking at art is healing. So, the entire program is filled with art. I put hours of research and prep time into this presentation, and I decided it would be a shame not to share it with more people. So, I decided to record myself giving the lecture and make a movie editing my slides into the video. I then broke the hour long movie into three ~ 20 minute segments to create a series of videos that can be watched in different sittings. I added some journal exercises and writing prompts to emphasize key points of the talk. The program includes a copy of my ebook on Holistic Approaches to Stress and Burnout. I healed myself from burnout and adrenal fatigue twice (once in med school and once in internship) using the practices, herbs, ideas, and strategies in this talk. I think this information can make a significant impact for some of you, too!



Since I am a psychiatrist by training and transformative by nature, this talk includes psychological ideas and theories intended to help you view stress and burnout differently. I aim to help you cultivate an attitude that will support learning from and pushing through the challenges you are facing.

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Spirituality is closely woven into psychology in my world. Mind, body, and spirit are connected! You will find suggestions and encouragement for viewing your situation with an eye towards the spiritual growth potential, wondering why the situation exits and how it (or the healing of it) might be serving your soul.

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Herbs + Supplements

My training in herbalism, holistic medicine, and Ayurveda strongly influenced this program. There are multiple herb and supplement suggestions that can support the body during times of stress and help the adrenal glands restore themselves when the stress has passed. Many of these suggestions also benefit anxiety and insomnia.

Fruits and Vegetables


Eating a whole foods diet (less processed foods more foods from the earth) is an evidence-based approach to healing nearly every mental health condition. I discuss some of this data and give some suggestions along these lines during the talk.


Behavioral Strategies

Multiple behavioral approaches to stress, burnout, and resiliency have been studied and scientifically proven to be effective. I present the data and recommendations for some of the most efficacious options.



I've always been a very motivational person, loving to help myself and others become our best selves.This attitude pervades this program, so expect to feel uplifted, inspired, and motivated to take your healing and wellness into your own hands.


Are you ready for a change in the way you handle stress or balance life and career? Sign up below, and I'll tell you what helped me...

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Welcome to This Healing Journey!

Our challenges are our greatest teachers.

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