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Archetypal Coaching Packages

Though I have been offering wellness and astro-infused coaching for years, I am presently designing a set of more focused coaching packages, inspired by mythical archetypes. As an astrologer, I love all things mythic, mystic, and symbolic. I am using ancient archetypes to organize and empower these offerings, infusing each with the intended energetic outcome. In honor of my shamanic training, each program has an animal totem, as well. Explore the complete list below, which link to individual pages for further details. Four of the programs are complete; the rest are in development. If interested in one of these programs before it's ready, please get in touch. I can put you on a waitlist to start as soon as the curriculum is finished. Each of these programs represents an area I've identified as one of my strengths as a healer, teacher, and coach during the past 12 years of practice. Organizing years of wisdom into pre-planned coaching templates will hopefully help more people efficiently achieve amazing results! Join me to find out!!



The Explorer: Path Finding

This is my signature offering and was the first program in this set of Archetypal Programs to be tested and completed. It is a series of eight coaching sessions intended to help you find your path and walk it with joy. This program starts with a Dharma Mapping astrology session, though it can be completed without astrology, if preferred. Eight sessions intended to help you hone in on your values, your passions, your gifts, and your probable destiny follow. If you are looking for your purpose, this is the program for you! Click for more information.


The Healer: Holistic Approaches to Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

This is another key offering, blending my traditional medical and psychiatric background with my Ayurvedic and general holistic health expertise. This coaching and educational program is intended to help people transform various mental health issues, including stress, depression, and anxiety. It is a great option for those who choose a more empowering, educational path to mental wellness, compared to the standard medical model. Clients can focus on one issue or take a blended approach. This program is complete; I am testing it with existing clients now. Click here to read more.



Long Brush Painter_edited_edited.jpg

The Muse: Enhance Your Creativity and Expand Your Intuition

This program explores your creative goals, enhances your intuition, and gets you on track for one or several projects. It includes visual art exercises, writing exercises, and other creative prompts and projects. The option exists to will make several art objects during the program. If more interested in intuition than creative output, we can use the time to enhance your intuitive sensitivities. Expect to stoke your inner fire and connect more clearly with the muse. Details coming soon...


The Sage: Yoga and Ayurveda for Optimal Wellness

This coaching program weaves together 1:1 yoga instruction, meditation instruction, yogic theory relevant to mental/physical wellness, and dedicated Ayurvedic coaching specific to your mental, physical, and spiritual imbalances and concerns. The program will start with an in-depth Ayurvedic assessment via questionnaire and conversation. Ayurvedic nutrition, herbs, and behavioral strategies are included. This program is nearly ready. Details coming soon...

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The Magician: Complete Mind-Body-Spirit Upgrade

In the world of archetypes, the Magician is one of the most powerful, drawing on the energy of every element to manifest a desired outcome in physical reality. Thus, the Magician is the totem or symbolic representation of my comprehensive coaching program for those interested in transformation on multiple levels--mind, body, and spirit. This is a program in which your body becomes your temple. This program will address issues within mind, body, and spirit. There will be manifestation/dream work, befitting a magician, as well. Details coming soon...


The Goddess: Heal Burnout and Cultivate Compassion

This coaching program is for people who are experiencing burnout, depletion, or disconnection. If you're not sure you know what nourishment feels like, this is the program for you! I have been through burnout twice, and the Divine Feminine and her gifts were an important part of my healing. This program includes adrenal support and other holistic approaches to burnout. The ultimate objective, however, is to enhance the feminine principle, as that is very imbalanced in burnout (for both women and men). This program would also be appropriate for any who want to cultivate self-love, nurturance, and compassion, even if burnout is not present. Embrace the MYSTERY in this ultimate journey into the healing depths of the Goddess. Click here for more info.



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The Priestess: A Women's Wisdom Path for Teens

Empowering and educating teens regarding physical, mental, and spiritual health has been a big part of my dharma/purpose. It is soul-aligned work for me. This is a program for teenage women looking to find their path, improve their physical or mental health, balance their hormones, upgrade their diet, enhance their self-esteem, reduce perfectionism/comparisons, develop their intuition, and feel inspired. This program is a culmination of years of work with adolescent and young adult women. Check it out here.


The Warrior Queen: Effective, Energetic, and Empowered

This is the program for stepping into your power, restoring your adrenals, enhancing your energy, honing your precision, boosting your efficiency, sharpening your intuition, and evolving into the most radiant, masterful, empowered, and inspired version of yourself. If you suffer from low energy, poor confidence, weak motivation, and excessive distraction and are ready to step into the most powerful aspect of your essence, this is the program for you! Details coming soon...

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