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Learn the Tarot

Ever wanted to master the ancient divinatory art of tarot?  Learning to work with the cards will enhance your intuition, connect you with powerful archetypes and higher guidance, and enrich your life in multiple ways.

I have been studying the tarot for 21 years and reading professionally for 12, including reading for 1 year (2016-17) at the Peaks Spa & Resort owned by the Telluride Ski Resort. 

The tarot deck contains 22 Major Arcana (archetype) cards, 16 court cards, and 4 x 10 elemental cards (wands, cups, pentacles, and swords)(fire, water, earth, and air).  Each of the cards represents something different.  When you put them together in a specific way, a story is told--or more accurately, the cards reflect the energy of the moment.

Tarot Triangle




In this course, which is currently a 1:1 private course, you will learn the meaning of each of the cards, and you will learn how to interpret some of the most common spreads to provide information and insight for yourself and others.  

This will be a personal journey into your own spiritual, intuitive nature, as we will do a lot of practice readings and single card pulls for you over the course of the program.


In the future I'll be developing this course as a downloadable program on Teachable or Udemy, so stay tuned if you'd like to take it that way.  In the meantime (or if you'd prefer the live session time and direct teaching relationship with me), this is a special opportunity to take the class in a mentorship-style format.  

Course Design:

Lesson 1: Introduction & Foundations--basics & overview, setting up a reading, importance of ritual, common spreads, the process of reading, reflection vs. forecasting, intro to symbolic analysis, & more

Lessons 2-4: Meeting the Major Arcana + Practice Card Draws + Journal Exercises

Lessons 5: Court Cards and Intro to the Element Cards (Minor Arcana)

Lesson 6-9: Element Cards

Lesson 10: Spreads, Crafting the Story, Refining Your Intuition, Receptivity, Trust, Practice Readings


$1888 for 10 90-minute sessions via Zoom or Skype

To Apply:

Fill out the paperwork for "Educational Courses" under the "Services>>Client Paperwork" tab.  Return to  Session times are on Tu or Thurs and depend on space available in my practice.  There may be a several week wait or a waitlist at times.  

Get ready to have your mind expanded and heart opened.  Tarot is truly MAGICAL!!  

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