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Find Your Purpose. Shine Your Light.

Pathfinding Coaching Package

This is my signature coaching program. I love helping people find their path, hone in on their purpose, evolve their careers to be aligned with their potential, and live the lives their souls intended. I've realized, after a lifetime of my own seeking (and finding), I'm quite good at this sort of work. I've learned to listen--to the Universe, to my body, and to my heart. I've crafted a business that is uniquely reflective of my personality and suited to my purpose! It's been so fulfilling! I decided to create this special coaching experience to organize and expand my process so I can help others experience the sort of joy I have found by honoring the Explorer within and taking the journey to my center!


The Structure

What's Included

  • 1 x 60-minute Dharma Mapping Astrology Session (If you've purchased this separately, you can receive an updated reading with tarot (if desired), an Ayurvedic evaluation, credit towards a follow-up, or a discount.)

  • 8 x 60-minute 1:1 purpose-driven coaching sessions with me, following my carefully designed "Pathfinding" templates (spaced over 2-4 months)

  • Coaching sessions include clear objectives + structure and build on each other. There are exercises, meditations, guided imagery/light hypnosis (for those who relax easily), journal prompts, and homework.

  • Each of these components is designed to help you get in touch with your intuition and the patterns life has presented so far, reflecting the intentions of your soul.

  • One inspiring and supportive email check-in per week (or every other week, depending on how we space the sessions). Will contain a mix of objectives, exercises, and motivational support.


The Problem

What Led You Here

  • Are you searching for meaning?

  • Cannot figure out what you're really meant to do?

  • Feeling unfulfilled?

  • Wondering why you are on the planet?

  • Confused or suffering within your family?

  • (Are the lessons of those relationships a part of your purpose?)

  • Experiencing burnout or disconnection (at work or home)?

  • Want to know your unique soul-given talents?

  • At a crossroads? Trying to decide which path to take?


The Promise

What to Expect

  • A clear sense of PURPOSE!!

  • Enhanced connection to your higher and inner self

  • Renewed investment in this life

  • Ability to move forward on the initial steps in the direction of your dream

  • Strategies for evolving your current career to be more in line with your intended purpose

  • Plan for transitioning away from your current work, if necessary

  • Increased happiness, heightened sense of inspiration

  • Stronger relationships with important others in your life

  • Fresh sense of wonder

  • Excitement to SHINE!


The Archetype

The Explorer

  • The Explorer is the archetype that inspired this program.
  • Part of finding your path, with my method, involves embracing and integrating the Explorer energy.
  • In a way, we are all seekers here on earth, but those who do not know why they are here have a very special kind of quest.
  • The quest itself is going to teach you. It's the search for the Holy Grail of your soul.
  • Some of this journey is external, but most of it is internal. I will be your guide.
  • Once you find your personal Holy Grail, you get to drink from it daily, but you may also have to keep exploring! Purpose for many is a moving target, and the path is a spiral.
  • This spiral design is the way our higher self encourages us to go perpetually deeper, while simultaneously accomplishing goals suited to our present level of development.
  • The Explorer is thus welcomed as a vital teacher, constantly aligning us with the dream of our soul.

The Investment

What You Are Purchasing

  • My expertise and efforts in carefully designing and crafting this program and its materials

  • Private time with a mythical guide and experienced pathfinder

  • Expert astrological and intuitive insight every step of the way

  • A deeper relationship with yourself

  • A profoundly transformational experience that will open your heart and change your life forever


The Price

The cost of this mythic, purpose-igniting soul journey is


Are you ready to explore?

Option 1: "I'm sure! Let's go!!"
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