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Nurture your mind. Heal your mood.

Holistic Mental Health Coaching Package

This is my specific mental health coaching program. When I worked more exclusively as a psychiatrist at the beginning of my career I realized I naturally functioned as a coach. I love to educate people and help them take control of their health. Encouraging people to reach their potential - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually is one of my passions!  I am skilled at helping people transform, and in this program we'll do that via a coaching model (education, problem solving, goal-setting, and motivation), rather than psychotherapy. There are three tracks in this program: stress, anxiety, and depression. A fourth option would be to take a blended approach. Within each track, expect to address aspects from every area of your life and to develop a significantly healthier relationship with yourself by the end of the process.

The Structure

What's Included

  • 1 x 90-minute Ayurvedic or general health coaching consultation to evaluate mental and physical imbalances that are present and likely contributing to the mood, stress, or anxiety your are experiencing.

  • 10 x 60-minute 1:1 holistic coaching sessions with me, following my carefully designed "Mental Health" templates (spaced over 3-5 months).

  • You can choose one of three tracks: stress, anxiety, or depression. Alternatively, you can blend the options into a hybrid program.

  • Coaching sessions include clear objectives + structure and build on each other. There are exploratory and problem solving exercises, meditations, guided imagery/light hypnosis (for those who relax easily), journal prompts, and homework.

  • Each of these sessions is designed to help you understand your mind, including the conditions that led to the present imbalance. Every session will inform and educate you regarding how to heal your current state avoid dropping into a similar place in the future.

  • One inspiring and supportive email check-in per week (or every other week, depending on how we space the sessions) is also included. It will contain a mix of objectives, exercises, and motivational support.

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The Problem

What Led You Here

  • Are you struggling with anxiety? Mild-moderate depression? Stress or adrenal depletion?

  • Existential confusion? ("Why am I here? or What's the point?")

  • Frustrated with the traditional medical approach to your situation?

  • You're extra sensitive/highly sensitive and get stressed or anxious easily.

  • You have a tendency toward seasonal depression or low moods.

  • You want to know how to improve your mental wellness and take control of your healing.

  • You are committed to a holistic path or at least an integrated path (if you want to maintain a concurrent western approach/medication use with a doctor in your city or town).

  • You feel truly ready for a change.

The Promise

What to Expect

  • A notable improvement in your mental health!!

  • Enhanced empowerment regarding your ability to understand and manage your own mood, stress, or anxiety

  • Healing or significant stabilization of adrenal depletion, if it is present

  • Elevated mood and motivation/inspiration for life!

  • Reduced anxiety and strategies to manage it moving forward (those who have anxiety often have tendencies toward its recurrence when stressed)

  • Improvements in other areas of life and dimensions of well being (we will address nutrition, exercise, creativity, relationships, work, home, physical health, and spirituality, as well as your mental health)

  • Enhanced connection to yourself and your life

  • Increased tolerance of disappointments, distress, and the unknown

  • Improved ability to trust and surrender

  • Elevated EXCITEMENT for living your unique life!


The Archetype

The Healer

  • The Healer is the archetype that inspired this program.
  • Part of balanced mental health with my method involves embracing and integrating the Healer energy.
  • You are going to work with me, a natural healer, to stimulate the innate healer archetype within yourself.
  • Really, all healing is personal and is something we do for ourselves.
  • An external healer can activate your own healing resources or potential, but only you can actually do the work that leads to healing.
  • Once you find your Inner Healer, you get to work with him or her daily, deepening the relationship as you grow and evolve.
  • The Healer lives within use all in a latent (or activated) state. The more energy you devote to this archetype the more power and potential it has.
  • The Healer will inform you how to naturally restore balance. It probably has already spoken to you and helped you find this page.

The Investment

What You Are Purchasing

  • My expertise and efforts in carefully designing and crafting this program and its materials

  • Private time with a mythical guide, experienced healer, knowledgeable educator, and skilled coach

  • Expert astrological and intuitive insight every step of the way

  • A closer relationship with yourself

  • A profoundly transformational experience that will expand your mind, deepen your spirituality, and change your life forever


The Price

The cost of this mythic, mind-balancing and heart-healing soul journey is


Are you ready to truly and deeply heal?

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