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Cultivate Compassion. Heal Burnout.

Divine Feminine Coaching Package

This program is close to my heart and comes directly out of my personal experience with burnout during my medical training. Like many healers, I have a strong presence of both masculine and feminine energies within myself. Healing burnout, for me, was largely about cultivating more connection to the feminine principle, as my burnout was brought on by masculine (highly assertive, constant) efforts within a fiercely masculine environment (medicine). It took a significant opposite force of gentleness, compassion, self-love, and nurturance (through herbs, behaviors, practices, thoughts, foods, and more) to restore the balance between the feminine and masculine within myself and heal my burnout. In this program, I will help you (whether you are male or female) do the same.


The Structure

What's Included

  • 1 x 90-min initial mind-body-spirit evaluation with Ayurvedic health coaching related to adrenal support and the physical impact of burnout/fatigue.

  • 7 x 60-min coaching sessions covering key dimensions of healing burnout and enhancing resiliency, including connecting to the Divine Feminine within (and her manifestations in the world), nurturance, compassion, grounding, pleasure, ecotherapy, healing with the senses, and restorative nutrition.

  • A comprehensive diet, behavioral, herbal, and emotional healing plan will be crafted together.

  • Each session will include objectives, exercises, meditations, homework, and conversations aligned with the vibration of the Goddess.

  • We will deeply explore the spiritual dimensions and implications of burnout, with emphasis on disconnection from the feminine.

  • 1 x supportive email check-in per week or every other week, depending on how we space the sessions.

  • The final session will include a closing ritual, aligned with the energies of the Goddess.

The Problem

What Led You Here

  • Constant climbing without adequate rest

  • Excessive striving, pushing, achieving

  • Loss of balance and a well-rounded life

  • Loss of YIN-the feminine, receptive principle

  • Over-valuing the masculine energy and approach

  • Repetitive competition

  • Over-dominance of YANG-the masculine, active principle

  • Profound fatigue, loss of meaning, disengagement with work and life

  • Disconnection from yourself and from Spirit


The Promise

What to Expect

  • A notable improvement in your symptoms of burnout

  • Enhanced attunement with the Divine Feminine

  • Increased COMPASSION for yourself and others

  • Improved connection to your heart

  • Elevated mood and motivation/inspiration for work, service, and life

  • Improved adrenal health; reduced adrenal fatigue

  • Greater sense of purpose and connection to yourself and your life

  • Increased energy, improved sleep

  • Enhanced alignment with nature and understanding of the role of nature in healing and restoring balance

  • Improved ability to allow when resisting and to set boundaries when over-committing

  • Increased ability to honor your own needs

  • Elevated sense of MYSTERY and enhanced ability to wield the power and potential of the feminine

The Archetype

The Goddess

  • The Goddess is the archetype that inspired this program.

  • Part of healing burnout and enhancing compassion via my methods involves embracing and integrating archetypal Goddess energy.

  • You are going to work with me to activate or enhance the innate Goddess archetype within yourself.

  • The Goddess is everywhere, including in all people, male and female.

  • Once you find your Inner Goddess, you can strengthen the relationship with your focused love and attention.

  • The more energy you devote to this (or any) archetype the more power and potential it has.

  • The Goddess will inform you how to naturally soothe and nurture yourself.

  • She will assist you in reversing inflammation, adrenal depletion, insomnia, irritability, fatigue, and other signs of imbalance.

  • Some examples of the Goddess archetype that inspire me and thus have influenced this program are


Quan Yin

Earth Mother




Green Tara

White Tara

Mother Mary


The Investment

What You Are Purchasing

  • My expertise and efforts in carefully designing and crafting this program and its materials

  • Private time with a mythical guide, experienced healer, knowledgeable educator, skilled coach, and ritualist

  • Expert astrological and intuitive insight

  • Time to develop a closer relationship with yourself

  • Enhanced connection with the Goddess

  • A profoundly transformational experience that will expand your mind, deepen your spirituality, and change your life forever

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The Price

The cost of This mythic,  heart-expanding journey is


Are you ready to restore your adrenals, heal burnout, and connect to the feminine?

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