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Here are links and introductory info regarding my various book projects (ebook and print). This page will be under construction as writing is an ongoing part of my journey. Check back intermittently for news and updates.


Explore my most recent ebook creation. It's a beautifully-illustrated 38-page book about finding your "type" for romance and partnership using astrology. This book is for all the astro-curious soulmate seekers out there. 

A $15 value, it's free if you sign up for my newsletter, or you can purchase it in my shop.

This is a short ebook on the mental and physical benefits (and supporting research) of Ecotherapy (aka forest bathing or otherwise immersing oneself in nature). I wrote this content as a lecture for UCLA Med School in 2021. I expanded and adapted the material into an ebook format in 2023. It is TOTALLY FREE (you do not need to join my list or do anything in exchange). It is my way of thanking you for exploring my page and being interested in this topic. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 9.43.18 PM.png

This is a 28-page ebook including my favorite evidence-based (backed by science) holistic approaches to depression. If you're looking to help yourself heal your mood naturally, this book is the perfect tool to set you on your way. It was written by me and is illustrated with lovely spiritual graphic art. I designed the entire thing myself. Check it out if you're struggling with your mood. It is very reasonably priced for the time I put into it and the value it contains. I truly believe it can help!

Find Your Purpose Book_edited.jpg

This is a 55-page ebook filled with astrology and coaching exercises I have used to help hundreds of clients hone in on their dharma or purpose. This book is filled with beautiful graphic design done by me. Every page is a work of art, making it fun to read. There multiple exercises and journal prompts, each of them tried and tested (x years) in my coaching practice. If looking for your purpose, you've found a map! It's reasonably priced and full of value. Check it out!! 

Find Your Purpose Book_edited_edited.jpg

This is a 39-page ebook including my favorite evidence-based (backed by science) holistic approaches to anxiety. I wrote and designed the entire book myself (and even painted the cover art). It is filled with herbal remedies, nutraceuticals, behavioral approaches, Ayurvedic wisdom, and more. Give it a try if you're struggling with anxiety. The psychological/spiritual perspectives within are themselves enough to help you initiate a shift.

This is a 33-page ebook including my favorite evidence-based (backed by science) holistic approaches to stress and burnout. Many of the suggestions in this book will also help anxiety.  Spiritual perspectives on stress and burnout are included (ie, exploring the meaning behind burnout and why it is happening now). I wrote and designed the entire book myself. It is for sale for a minimal cost in my shop. Check it out if you're struggling with stress. It absolutely should help!

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My chapter is #28: Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga. I wrote it in 2019, and it was published in 2020 by Cambridge University Press. This Handbook of Wellness Medicine is filled with wonderful holistic health/wellness information written by experts in a variety of niches within this field. Buy it on Amazon!

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