Learn Astrology 

Want to take your experience of astrology to the next level?  You can do an apprenticeship with me.  I offer an introductory/novice program for total beginners, a longer program for curious or more experienced students, and a more comprehensive program for the truly dedicated.   

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To apply:  fill out the paperwork under the "Services>>Paperwork" tab and return via email to mysticmandala@gmail.com.  Payment is by Paypal, VenMo, or cc once your application has been accepted.  Please apply several weeks in advance of your ideal start date, as there is sometimes a short wait for a session time.  Sessions are usually on Tu or Thurs.


Introductory Brief Apprenticeship: $555 for 4 60-min private (1:1) Skype sessions.  Sessions include thorough analysis and teaching based on the student's own birthchart.  There will be specific instruction related to understanding the design and function of the chart, with detailed teaching on the signs and planets.  Houses, aspects, and more may be covered depending on the student's level of prior knowledge and rate of progress.

Standard Apprenticeship: $999 for 8 60-min Skype sessions.  Similar experience to the Brief Apprenticeship but with more comprehensive instruction covering the houses, rulerships, rising sign, & sun's position.  This apprenticeship includes homework assignments, case studies, greater depth, and a larger body of information. 

Comprehensive Apprenticeship:  $1551 for 8 90-min Skype sessions (every week for two months).  Greater depth but similar design to the Standard program.  A very solid foundation to do casual astrology for friends and self.

$3000 for 16 90-min Skype sessions (every week for four months).  A semi-professional level of investment and education.  Goes into detail about karma, the nodes, planets in different signs/houses, Part of Fortune, aspects, and more.  The student will be able to use astrology intelligently in blog posts, social media, and some work settings. 

$5665 for 32 90-min sessions (weekly for ~8 months). This program goes into considerable depth and nuance covering advanced topics such as transits, progressions, and solar returns (predictive astrology).  Lunar returns, relationship charts, Astro-Cartography (astro-mapping), full/new moons, eclipses, asteroids, and more are covered. This is the training investment needed to feel comfortable working as a budding professional astrologer or advanced hobbyist.  

Comprehensive Apprenticeship includes in-person lessons, chart analysis exercises, homework, self-study, feedback, & business advice tailored to the student's unique level of development and progress.