Learn Astrology 

Want to take your experience of astrology to the next level?  You can do an apprenticeship with me.  I offer an introductory/novice program for total beginners, a longer program for curious or more experienced students, and a more comprehensive program for the truly dedicated.   

Introductory Brief Apprenticeship: $555 for 4 60-min Skype sessions.  Sessions include thorough analysis and teaching based on the student's own birthchart.  There will be specific instruction related to signs, planets, houses, aspects, transits, and more depending on the student's level of knowledge and rate of progress.

Standard Apprenticeship: $999 for 8 60-min Skype sessions.  Similar experience to the Brief Apprenticeship but with more comprehensive homework assignments, case studies, greater depth and larger body of information covered. 

Comprehensive Apprenticeship:  $3000 for 25 60-min Skype sessions (approx. every other week for a year).  $5885 for 50 sessions ( approx. weekly for a year). I can take students from novice to semi-professional or, in some cases, professional astrologer over the span of 1-2 years of approximately every other week study, chart analysis, homework, exercises, feedback, business advice, & more tailored to the student's level of development and progress.