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Click here for the paperwork to join the practice. I'm kidding about "sending help". It's not that bad, I promise! 

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Collecting video testimonials here. Let me know if you've had a session or done one of my programs and would like to  help me and my future clients by sharing your experience with a testimonial.  🤍


I teach yoga, published a book chapter about yoga, and practice multiple days a week. It's one of my greatest passions. Explore with me here...


An astro reading makes an awesome birthday, anniversary, holiday, or graduation gift!!

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I am available for pop-ups, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and other events. I offer both tarot and astrology for these. I've got some pictures from a past event plus a few flyers here. Check it out.

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Check out my ebook freebies, ebooks for sale, and print book news here!


I am an artist, as well as a physician. Here's a limited portfolio highlighting some of my favorite pieces of art.

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Get to know me in a few different settings. Explore some intro +  helpful and fun educational vids here.

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Check out my BLOG . There are lots of fun articles. I don't post at highly regular intervals, but there are quite a few interesting things to read about travel, astrology, health, and more.

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