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Featured on MindBodyGreen

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

I was featured in two articles published on MindBodyGreen this week by the fabulous Sarah Regan. She interviewed me for an astrology article on grand trines and for a psychology article about shadow work.

Grand trines are astrologic configurations found in some charts that give people some wonderfully helpful, cohesive elements in their personality (and life). Thus, they are considered a great blessing! They cause your energy to work harmoniously, rather than more paradoxically (which is more common) (one part pulling in one direction, another part of you pulling in another).

Grand trines look like triangles in the middle of a chart, and they reflect planets at 120 degree angles from each other, all within the same element. I have an "loose" grand trine in my own chart in the fire element. Jupiter (in Aries) and Neptune (in Sag) are in a trine formation in my chart, which creates a favorable energy for manifesting (Jupiter) magic (Neptune). These planets are both in my career areas, so their energy manifests most in that part of my life. I have a trine between Neptune and Saturn (in Leo), as well. This makes me more grounded that you might otherwise think by seeing my website, my writing, or my photos. Saturn grounds the mystical, dreamy energy of Neptune, balancing it for realistic expression on the planet. Head in the clouds but feet on the ground. It's a great aspect, and without it, I probably wouldn't have become a doctor.

Leo doesn't quite make the trine (within 10 degrees) with Jupiter to complete the triangle formation exactly. But, it does fall within 15 degrees! So, it's a distant grant trine. Still has an impact! And I am grateful! It's one of the best things about my chart!

Check your chart for 3 planets (or one of the important asteroids or the nodes) falling in 3 different signs within the same element (water, fire, air, or earth). Or, of course, you could get a reading, and I'll tell you if you have this pattern (or other patterns) and how it has likely been manifesting in your life.

Here's the link to the grand trine article:

I was also featured in an article on shadow work, which is a term referring to diving into your unconscious side, which may be in need of healing and transformation. The goal of shadow work is to bring suppressed or repressed energy or patterns to the light for compassionate processing, acceptance, and transcendence. The article includes some quotes about shadow work from me and a series of questions that are helpful to the process and that can be used as journaling prompts. I contributed the first 1/2-2/3s of the list.

Check that article out if you're wanting to work on knowing yourself better, even your so-called "less desirable" parts. Shadow work is about facing your challenging aspects, including your pain and your anger and learning how to work with those energies more effectively. The goal of shadow work is to be an integrated human, at peace with your challenges and traumas and made stronger and more resilient because of them.

Two articles: one about magic and blessings and the other about the deeper, more complex side of things. Kind of created a nice sense of balance! Check them out if you are interested!

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