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The Astro Volcano! 🌋

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Posted an article on about the astrology of the coronavirus. Check it out here:

You can learn a lot about astrology, as well as have your mind blown about how much of the current craziness is actually revealed in the stars (OR did it start there?!?) (I believe it started there).

I wrote this 3 weeks ago and already much of what I predicted has come true. It's a massive astro event, as it should be given the way the entire planet has been brought to knees. Spiritually, I see it as a "global initiation". I talk about this and go over a few spiritual and psychological insights for how to best use this challenge to grow and transform. ❤

Put a lot of time into this, and did it really just for my own growth and fun 🤹‍♀. I would love it if my focus, research, and effort could result in some learning, intrigue, and inspiration in a few of you, too! 🌟🛸🔮

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