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Astrology Parties!! 

Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Private Brand Events, etc.

You can hire me as live "interactive entertainment" for a party, promotional event, wedding reception, or other hip happening.  I can offer organized teaching about astrology in a group setting, brief 1:1 personal readings at a side table while guests are leisurely enjoying a party or event, or rotating 5-15 min individual mini-sessions ("astro pops") in front of a whole group (such as at a bridal shower or birthday party).  The cost for this service is generally $250/hour -- final cost to be determined by event, location, complexity, etc.  Generally I recommend a 2-2.5 hour minimum. (Small surcharge for driving beyond 30 min. LA locations can be negotiated.)  I love to make a guest-of-honor feel special (and can dedicate extra time to talking about the astrology of a current or upcoming date/event time, etc.)! People rave about astro parties because everyone has so much fun, including me!  

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