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Capricorn Full Moon Horoscopes - July 2022

Wow. What a crazy full moon that was. Expect to feel some trickle down effects for days to weeks, especially because Pluto is still opposing Mercury for another week, maintaining one of the key energies from this full moon moment.

General astro overview:

The full moon was July 13, 2022. The moon was in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The sun was in Cancer conjunct Mercury in Cancer. This is a very powerful collection of energies. Capricorn is normally a calm, serious, grounded energy that may help us with professional achievement and goals. But not this year. Things are different when Pluto is involved. Pluto gives everything a Scorpio vibe. It makes things emotional, deep, psychological, intense. There are themes of death, releasing, transformation, new beginnings, surrender, power, obsession, and control. With Mercury involved things become more mental, and there is a communication and thought focus or emphasis. So, there can be important communications and realizations but also obsessive thinking, anxiety, fears. Distortions are/were possible, too, because of the strong connection this sun/moon opposition made to Neptune (the planet that confuses things).

The sun being in Cancer for this moon brings/brought in themes of family, roots, motherhood, mothers, fertility, food, home. So, there was a lot of powerful, emotionally- and mentally-intense energy building up over this past week.

I personally usually feel that full moons set up their energy during the week preceding the actual full moon. Sometimes they've already "given their gift" (which might be in the form of a lesson or challenge; other times as a true gift/accomplishment or realization) by the time the moon is completely full. Then their effects are assimilated in the weeks following the full moon as the moon cycles back to new.

So, these horoscopes, though a bit delayed (I got them onto IG last night during the full moon), can be used to help you understand and perhaps process what you experienced leading up to and during the recent Capricorn full moon. Since the effects will still be playing out/integrating over the next 2 weeks, seeing these horoscopes may assist with your receptivity to those changes. A few of the signs have some longer range predictions here, as well.

Any questions, hop over to my post on IG and comment there. I love chatting with people about astrology in my post threads. Okay, here are the slides. Check your sun, moon, and rising sign. Apologies for the few typos in the slides. Was doing a Herculean marathon effort to get them out in time! Hope they resonate or provide some insight!!

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