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Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse Horoscopes - May 2022

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I wrote horoscopes for MindBodyGreen again this month. I really love doing it!! It's a lot of work, but it is a complex analytical + intuitive process that really is fun!! I'm psyched to do it more and more so I can refine my methods and continue to dial up the accuracy and impact of what comes thru.

If these resonate, I'd love to hear!! Send me an email, comment below, or go on my IG @mysticmandala to comment on the post I made there.

The full moon + lunar eclipse is in Scorpio this month Sunday night/early Monday morning May 15/16. The exact astrological full moon is around 11:30pm on May 15, and the eclipse itself goes from around 11:30 pm Sunday to 12:53 am Monday.

Deep, emotional, transformational energies are the general theme (hello Scoprio vibes), but there are a lot of specifics beyond that. So check out the slide for impact predictions that are more specifically tailored to your sign.

Read the slide for your sun, rising, and maybe even your moon sign.

Eclipses are much more potent than standard full moons, so these horoscopes are potentially going to be good for several months. The energy in the slides is being seeded now (and over the past 2 weeks since the new moon eclipse in Taurus) and will evolve and develop over the next few months.

If you want to read the information in full article format, here's the link to the piece on mindbodygreen:

Hope you enjoyed those predictions!! I don't usually find eclipses very easy or fun, but definitely they can bring useful changes that accelerate growth or move your soul forward in a meaningful way. So, hang in there if you're finding the energy difficult or heavy. I'm with you on that! My approach is to stay centered and focus on gaining new insight. The intensity will pass, and hopefully something good will result. 🤍

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