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Magic, Manifesting, & the Muse: How Astrology Can Predict Synchronicity, Creativity, & More

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

There’s always a star up high and in me. As long as I seek it, I always feel free. -Kayse Budd

Before I was an astrologer, I was an artist. I felt myself to be constantly pursuing the “star” in my heart. This “star” was the thrill of inspiration, the joy of creation, and the magic of the muse. Every artist knows, however, that there are certain times when we feel inspired and other times when we feel blocked. It turns out, there’s an astrological reason for that! When I started studying astrology, one of the first things I noticed was the astrological reason my art-orientation existed. I have two planets (Mercury, Uranus) plus the sun, vertex, and north node (several key parts of the chart) in the fifth house (the creative, expressive Leo area). I also have a strong moon-Venus conjunction, an artistic, poetic, musical aspect.

Once I discovered these elements within my chart, I sought their spiritual meaning. I decided they were there to balance the heavier work I was doing as a physician and to support my mission to be inspirational for others. Another thing I realized through astrology is that there are indeed clear periods when creative, poetic, and artistic energies are enhanced. I could see planetary patterns relating to these "muse sightings". Interestingly, I noticed similar (though not identical) patterns for synchronicity and manifesting.

Because I’m interested in living (and helping others live) the most magical life (lives) possible, I started pointedly tracking the planetary movements and placements that relate to “manifesting success”, as well as creative inspiration. The results of my research explain why some people really are better manifestors or creators (hint: it’s a pre-planned part of their purpose). The average person has success at some times or in some areas of life, rather than consistently. This is useful to understand. We all want to create the lives of our dreams. Yet, when things don’t happen exactly as we wish, we often feel disappointed. My research helped me realize that manifesting seems to happen best when what we want is consistent with or at least doesn’t detract from what we are meant to do in our lives AND at that specific time.

How Astrology Relates to Manifesting

One of the most important things to know is that manifesting is related to Jupiter. When someone has a “prominently placed” Jupiter in their birthchart (or a lot of Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter) they are a naturally good manifestor. They still probably cannot manifest major things that aren’t part of their soul’s plan, but they will be good at manifesting small to bigger things they need or want along the way. “Prominently placed” Jupiter means that Jupiter is on one of the chart angles (AC, DC, MC, IC), next to sun or moon, or conjunct the north/south node. Jupiter in trine or conjunction with mystical Neptune or benefic Venus also supports manifestation.

Without one of the above Jupiter placements in your birthchart, you still may be able to be an intermittently good manifestor in rotating areas of life, depending on what Jupiter is doing in your progressed or transit chart (charts used for predictions). Jupiter moves through approximately one sign (and one house) per year by transit. During that year, you will be better able to manifest and receive blessings and synchronicities in the areas of life represented by the house and sign Jupiter is transiting. For example, Jupiter is currently transiting through Aries, which falls in different houses in everyone’s birthcharts.Find where Aries is located in your birthchart, and that house will show an area of life where you will probably make some progress or see some "easier manifesting" this year. If Aries (and thus transiting Jupiter) is in your tenth house (the career area), there may be professional opportunities. If it’s in the fourth house (the home area), you may "manifest" a move or a house purchase. Aries has to do with starting things and asserting oneself, so intentions related to those themes are more likely to be realized (for everyone) during the coming year (off/on since May 11, 2022).

Because the north node relates to destiny, its movement by transit times specific events connected to our purpose. The house the transiting north node is in shows the area of life that is your karmic focus right now. (It spends 1.5 years in each house, by the way.) When north node contacts birth planets, opportunities manifest. Additionally, north/south node’s connections to Jupiter (or Neptune or Venus) (transiting nodes conjunct or trine birth Jupiter/Neptune/Venus or transiting Jupiter/Neptune conjunct or trine birth nodes), specifically, can reveal or deliver destiny-aligned intentions and blessings. The progressed moon and Venus (progressed and transit) can also aid and predict various manifestations, synchronicities, and opportunities.


Synchronicities are connected to manifestations. Astrologically, they are aligned with Neptune, the most mystical planet. If you experience a clear synchronicity, something is probably activating Neptune in your chart. Synchronicities serve as indicators (from our higher selves or the Universe) that we are where our soul needs to be at that moment. Always acknowledge and follow synchronicities. They are a wink from the Universe! You may have noticed that synchronicities occur more commonly when in a high vibrational state (such as in love, after a yoga/meditation retreat, following multiple hours in nature). We often choose to do these sorts of things (or they happen) when Jupiter and Neptune (+ often moon and north node) are interacting favorably in our birth charts and in the sky. Back in April 2022 there was a strong Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (in the sky) active for several weeks. It was an invigorating + inspirational time. Can you remember what you were doing or thinking about then? Any ideas that came through or people you met might have some kind of special significance.

Humans connect more readily to the fabric of the Universe in high vibe states (like bliss, gratitude, peace, or love) and at astrologically high vibrational times (such as the one day per month that the transiting moon conjuncts your birth Neptune). At these times and in these states we can interact more seamlessly with the Universe because we are closer to its natural vibration. Synchronicities are abundant and manifesting happens more readily when we are more aligned with pure consciousness. Ironically, in a pure consciousness state, you rarely need or want anything!

My response to unmet desires is to meditate, enter the field of pure consciousness, hold my intentions in my heart, and release them with love. If something is meant for me, it will happen. If not meant for me, there is peace in surrender.

How Astrology Relates to Creativity

Planets and signs associated with creativity are Neptune, Venus, and the sun and Leo, Pisces, and Libra (occasionally Taurus). The fifth (strongly), the 12th (moderately) and the seventh (sometimes) houses are associated with creativity. The third house is connected to writing and singing abilities, especially if planets are there. People who are naturally creative or artistically talented usually have a strongly placed Venus (next to sun/moon/nodes or on a chart angle) and planets (or north node) in the fifth (and possibly the seventh or 12th) house(s). Multiple planets in Pisces, Leo, Libra, and occasionally Taurus can also do it. Neptune in a prominent position can make someone imaginative (and often artistic or musical), though potentially also dreamy and disorganized. A favorable (trine, sextile) connection from Neptune to Mars or Saturn results in more productive creative output. If Saturn makes challenging connections (conjunction, opposition, square) to Venus or Neptune it impedes creativity (and manifesting, especially if conjunct or square Jupiter). All of these placements are consistent with someone’s destiny, however. If someone’s Saturn seems to reduce their creativity (or manifesting), they are a soul learning to take responsibility, work towards concrete goals, and approach things rationally.

As with manifesting, there are times and phases when all people are more creatively inspired. These times have to do with transits involving Venus and Neptune. I have long loved the concept of muses (I call myself “The Astro Muse” after all!). Muses are the mythical personification of inspirational energy. For many years, I thought a “muse appearance” (inspirational moment) was a semi-random occurrence that could possibly be encouraged by creative exercises, rituals, and openness. There is probably some truth to that, but I blew my mind when I looked back at my astrology chart during periods of prolific artistic creation and realized they correlated to notable fifth house transits, Venus transits, and Neptune transits. Progressed moon making connections to birth or transiting Neptune (or Venus) and Venus (or Neptune or progressed moon) transiting the fifth house create particularly museful times. North node transiting the fifth house (less so, the 12th house) or making a connection with/aspect to natal Venus are other signs the muse is near.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes a dream happens and you don’t know what to do.

If you don’t follow it, it will chase after you. -Kayse B.

Life is a mystery-- wonderous, challenging, and all things between. Inspiration + manifestation are two of the most enchanted energies we can experience in this unique world. With astrology you can learn to track these energies and maximize their potential! Astrology also facilitates acceptance. Life contains cycles: times to work, flow, create, grow. There are also infinite types of lives, each with precise value. My hope is that this article inspires you to embrace the magic, while making peace with the mundane. If something is truly part of your destiny, it will seek you. It will find you. And probably, it will chase you! Destiny speaks though synchronicities, opportunities, and people who cross your path. Soften your spirit to the unique spiral of your journey. Vow to do the best you can with the blessings and the lessons as they arrive. If you truly celebrate the star in your heart, you will slowly manifest your own sort of art.

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