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Solstice Grand Conjunction Update & MORE!! (Impact lasts longer than just one day!)

Created this vid to talk about the astrology this and last week and really also in the weeks/months to come.

I discuss my impression of the probable energetic impact of the 12/21/20 solstice grand conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter. There are more than just those 2 planets involved, and the impact was felt all of last week + weekend (not just on the solstice) and will continue through Christmas weekend, as well, though at a gradually decreasing intensity.

Saturn is all about bringing things to the surface, confronting what doesn't work, resistance, blocks, etc. There could be some facing of what we've been avoiding or just a feeling of heaviness and blocks coming up (to then be dealt with and removed). I literally had a clog in my kitchen drain this week--had to call a plumber. Clog>>action (plumber)>>consequences (time, cost)>>taking responsibility (how did I contribute to the clog?)>>clarity/resolution. This is very Saturnian and is a fascinating manifestation of the energy in an obvious, material world way.

I also got to experience the energy in several other ways (and it continues)... Possibly happening for you, too, which is why I made the vid!!

I also discuss the astrology that set up the coronavirus and how things are evolving re: that situation (the current astrology of the coronavirus).

Check it out if you want to take your grand conjunction learning and experience a little further or want some insight re: what the stars suggest about the new few months with the virus...

Deep times!! We now are in Capricorn Season since the solstice. So, we can expect no-nonsense, taking responsibility vibes for the next month. Not the easiest for those of us who like a bit more flow and less structure, but it's a cycle of life and it has its purpose.

Sparkle jeans, I discovered, also have their purpose. LOL!! Image below!!


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