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Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction April 2022

Here's a video I made about the super potent Jupiter-Neptune conjunction happening right now. Astrology is all about energy gradients, so this conjunction has been building for several weeks. I personally feel many imp astro events in the days or weeks (or months for the really slow moving conjunctions) prior to its peak. So, I felt this conjunction at max intensity about a week to 5 days ago. It can still have a positive impact for people thru the rest of April, as it will still be conjunct - just slowly separating - during that time. This vid also discusses the role of Jupiter in manifesting, in general and offers a bit of an astrology lesson.

Follow my Insta @mysticmandala for more of this sort of content. I created this for IG and don't always also post vids on my blog (though I'm glad I thought to this time).

Anyone out there feel the conjunction as intensely as I did?? Share below (or comment on the vid on IG).

What dreams are you manifesting right now??

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