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I was featured in a MindBodyGreen article today about the full moon in Libra. Super honored to have been asked to create the horoscopes for the piece. Here's the link:

I also made some slides of the info for my Instagram. If you follow me there, you've probably already seen these, but if not, here they are:

Check your sun, moon, rising.

Love to hear your feedback on these! Comment below or on my IG!!


It's hard to make horoscopes that are super precisely accurate because there are so many factors in someone's personal chart that I cannot consider. These were crafted with great care, however, and do reflect the general astrological influences affecting each sign right now.


These were written specifically for the full moon window April 15-16 but include some general info for the next few weeks (for some of the signs), as well.


May your day be MAGIC!


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