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Astro Post ✨ Neptune Power Day!!

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The moon is in dreamy Pisces tonight (it's Tues 12/3/19, btw) conjunct (touching/next to) Pisces' ruler Neptune (creating a double burst of mystical floatiness), and the north node (destiny line) in the sky (well, the north node is technically a very important calculated point in the sky) is conjunct Venus in Capricorn. It's a beauty-filled (Venus), numinous (Pisces) moment! Wonderful for creating!!


So, rather than packing for my upcoming (major) trip, the logical thing I needed to be doing, I found myself writing lyrical lines about inner and outer journeys on Instagram ...

Something about stars and mysteries...(of course!)

After my poetic moment shifted, I thought, "I need to write a blog post under this effortlessly artistic astrological influence..." So, here we are!


Turns out I had the seed inspo for this post yesterday (started out as a FB post that got unmanageable!), when Jupiter moved into Capricorn after a little over a year in Sagittarius. (Could you feel it?!?) Capricorn is a stabilizing energy that may help ground some of the action impulses and inspirations/insights of the past year into more tangible or practical structures (actual physical products, literal "structures", or more concrete plans).


Yesterday also happened to be a day I've identified in years past as an exact alignment between the transiting sun (the sun in the sky) and my birth chart Neptune (at 10 degrees Sagittarius). (See image above for how this transit looks in a chart.) The day can vary, as astrological degrees do not always correspond to the same date every year, but it's usually around Dec 2 (for me) +/- a day or so. The sun is energizing, and Neptune is basically synonymous with magic. Sooooo as a result, I usually feel Dec 2 is one of my favorite days of the year. Mystical, magical, and anything is possible. It's my Peter Pan day!!


You can look up where Neptune falls in your own birth chart to see what time of year this ⭐ power day (insert sparkle effect)(Blogging tech in the future is gonna have that!!) is for you. If Neptune is in Capricorn, then it will be during Capricorn season; if it's in Scorpio, then your power day will be in Scorp season, and so on. Neptune only moves a handful of degrees per year, so people born within the same year will have their power days clustered together, and those born within the same generation with often have their power day within the same or immediately neighboring sign. (GenXers have Scorpio and Sag Neptune Power Days, Millennials have Sag and Capricorn, and so on.)

- Here's How to Figure out Your Own Personal NEPTUNE POWER DAY -

1. Find the sign and degree where Neptune falls in your birth chart ( for free charts or you most likely have a copy of your chart if you've done a reading with me or another astrologer). The degree is the big number next to the symbol of Neptune ♆. (The small number is a further specifier, called "minutes").

2. Each Zodiac sign has 30 degrees, with each degree basically corresponding to a typical calendar day. The first day of a sign is 0 degrees, the second day is 1 degree, etc. So the 10th degree of Sagittarius corresponds to the 11th day of "Sagittarius Season". You can use Google ("start of Sagittarius this year"), or if you want to be really precise and astro-techy you can use a special table called an ephemeris (found for free online) to see exactly-exactly when the sun went into Sagittarius or goes into Capricorn (etc) that year.

3. So, figure out the date the corresponds to your Neptune and mark it on your calendar. Plan something special to make use of the energies, or at a minimum, try to be really observant and open to feeling if anything particularly sparkly seems to be happening (on the inside or outside). ✨

4. Keep in mind the date could change slightly from year to year, so double check it every year if you really want to live a dialed in astro life. Otherwise, the days before and after your power day will also feel pretty nice; so if close is good enough for you, then don't worry about precision year-to-year.

5. You'll possibly have a connection (at least at some level) with 1 or more people over the course of your life who have birthdays on or near this power day. And that connection will likely include a spiritual (Neptunian) component and/or possibly a kind of soft, shimmery, or creative tone (more Neptunian energies).


There's also 1 day per month when the transiting moon aligns with every planet in your birth chart and sets off little events and/or changes the energy/feeling of that day. I tend to love the moon conjunct Neptune day, as it is similar to but slightly decreased in intensity (more subtle, like the moon) relative to the sun-Neptune power day. (Moon-Jupiter is also fun!) This monthly magic moment is harder to track without astro software, but it's cool to know it exists.


Neptune is associated with dreams, magic, imagination, mysticism, and healing (and on the negative, it's also associated with deception, illusion, and escapism). Depending on the condition (sign it's in and connections it makes) of the planet in your birth chart you may be more likely to get the light or the shadow side of Neptunian energies on these transit days. If it makes nice, harmonious connections, then positive experiences are likely. If it makes more difficult angular connections or connections to challenging planets, then sun-Neptune days may be more about learning something or feeling something along the more shadow side of Neptune's themes (exact nature of the day could be more accurately forecast by considering the themes of the planets Nep touches in its angular connections). My Neptune makes a favorable trine (120 degree connection) to the positive planet Jupiter, so I tend to get pretty psyched on the days when the sun or moon touches either planet. 🙃


Often, I try to spend my Neptune power day outside in nature because I've noticed in previous years that I am more sensitive on this day and can appreciate the subtle and beautiful energies of nature even more acutely. But, it's also a great day for making art, writing poems, or having breakthroughs or insights or brainstorming sessions at work. I worked today, which turned out to be particularly inspiring, and then I had a brief brainstorming session with one of my possible collaborators on this television project I may help co-create...Super inspiring again!! And perfectly aligned!! (Television/film falls within the realm of Neptune. I have Neptune/Pisces energy in BOTH the career areas of my chart, so I've been dreamily inching towards a way to articulate that potential for years...Today was a great day to take another starry (baby) step forward ... ✨)

A mantra of "everything is soooo amazinggggg today!!!" repeating in your head over and over will often alert you to a power day, a moon one or a sun one, even if you don't follow astrology.


For me, it was such a good day, I decided to share the love with some fun astro wisdom for you guys! 💛 Also, I just wrote a similar but different version of this post and deleted it by accident (total Neptunian move). Neptune rules mistakes as well as miracles, so... when you play with one, get ready for BOTH!!

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