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Astrology-Inspired Wellness

Integrative Psychiatry, Intuitive Astrology, Ayurvedic Evaluations, Astro Apprenticeship, Wellness Coaching, & Holistic Health Mentorship
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Meet Kayse Budd, MD

Innovative Integrative Physician

Hi. I'm Kayse Budd--physician, artist, astrologer, writer, yogi, & explorer!


I try to combine all of those things in my work!!


My particular passion is helping others find their true soul pathI use astrology to see what each soul intended, intuition to refine the message in the (astrology) chart, and creative thinking to help people with ideas that can set (or support) them on course.  


I also love helping people achieve health on ALL levels - mind, body, & spirit. I accomplish this via Ayurveda/health coaching, integrative psychiatry consultations, mentorship, & psychotherapy. My approaches are 100% natural and holistic. Fill out the paperwork under the Services tab if interested in a comprehensive healing plan thoughtfully crafted by me. 

Recently (2017-2019), I worked at the Chopra Center (founded by Deepak Chopra) in Carlsbad, CA as an Ayurvedically-inspired physician and intuitive astrologer. The Center (sadly) closed in Dec 2019 after 23 years in operation, so I have taken my practice online. I have spent most of 2021 working as a digital nomad in Nosara, Costa Rica and Sayulita, Mexico. Me amo surfear, viajar, y hablar español. (I love to surf, travel, and speak Spanish.)


Follow my adventures on Instagram: @mysticmandala.

If you are curious about my background, it is unique. I value academic excellence, so I attended college at Duke University and med school at the University of Michigan (both of which are competitive & rigorous). I did well academically but experienced significant stress during my education. To heal myself, I took a break between medical school and residency. During this time I lived at a yoga ashram, became a certified yoga instructor, and embarked on a serious quest to experience multiple "alternative" approaches to wellness (sound healing, art therapy, dance therapy, energy medicine, astrology, shamanism, meditation, herbalism, Ayurveda, and tarot). 


After a few years, I returned to medicine and completed my internship at Swedish Hospital in Seattle (family medicine) and my residency in psychiatry at the University of Arizona. I passed the oral and written psychiatry boards after residency and opened a healing center in Tucson. I worked hard during that time but traveled often, visiting sacred sites and studying with healers around the world (Egypt, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, Hawaii, Fiji, Australia). I love the desert, but as an explorer at heart, I eventually had to roam! After leaving Tucson, I became an "early adopter" of the digital nomad lifestyle. I traveled 5+ years (& loved it!!). While in Hawaii during that period, I started a stand-alone astrology & tarot business. This was the start of an exciting new phase! I am a professional-level western astrologer, by the way, though I am knowledgeable about Vedic and Mayan systems, as well.  

For a longer version of my story, see the "About Me" section of my blog.

I love teaching and was an adjunct faculty member at the U of Az Medical School for 8 years. I taught "Holistic Psychiatry" with Andrew Weil, MD's Program in Integrative Medicine. I also worked/taught at Canyon Ranch during my time in Tucson. In 2018-2019 I lectured at UCSD for the Family Medicine and Psychiatry departments (classes in Integrative Psychiatry and Resiliency/Stress-Relief). Recently (June 2021) I taught an online EcoPsychology class (from Costa Rica!) at UCLA/Cedars Sinai. I will be lecturing on Burnout at UCLA (online) at the end of October 2021. You can check out my YouTube for many informative videos by me!


In addition to sharing my perspectives via classes and videos, I am also a poet & writer. I published a book chapter (including a poem) on "Mindfulness, Meditation, & Yoga" in the Handbook of Wellness Medicine (Cambridge U Press) in 2020. (Yoga is a central focus in my life (pics on Instagram), and I am a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat veteran.) I have written multiple articles for and other sites (links below) and am currently working on a book integrating astrology and psychology. 


Due to my strong background in integrative medicine and Ayurveda, as well as psychiatry, I provide health coaching for a variety of issues (headaches, digestion, auto-immune conditions, allergies, hormones, stress, mood, anxiety, weight, sleep, etc.). I also teach holistic health via mentorship and have several courses along these lines. To join me as a student visit the "Services" and "Courses" tabs.  

If astrology brought you here, I could explore that topic all day! And I do, sometimes! Session options are listed under the "Services > Session Options" tab. Instruction/Apprenticeship is available from intro to professional level. Details under the "Courses" tab.  


Holistic medicine + psychology + astrology = a potent combination that definitely makes me unique. My work is a true expression of my soul.


My Philosophy of Healing

Healing begins in the heart, and nature is a healer's greatest ally. Aligning with nature, we align with harmony. This is why my practice has a strong focus on whole foods diet, herbalism, & ecotherapy. Healing, for me, includes compassionately accepting the self exactly as it is while simultaneously committing to transformation. We never know exactly what lessons Spirit has planned for us, so I believe surrender is an integral part of the process. True healing is deeply personal and comes through the wound itself.  This means that each person's unique struggles become their greatest teachers.


The wound is the birthplace of grace.

Along these lines, one of my key beliefs, personally and professionally, is that our own love is an essential ingredient in healing. 

"Your own love will heal the wound in yourself you're afraid to feel." (Line from one of my poems, The Healing Muse)


Ultimately, I am here to inspire you to find value and growth in all your experiences, especially the difficult ones. The light of healing is already inside you, waiting to be fanned and followed. With me or without, I invite you to boldly take the journey into the MYSTERY of your soul. The path is long and the way is hard, but every step brings you closer to HOME.

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Improving MOOD

I have many herbal, dietary, behavioral, and psychological tools to help people improve their moods (mild-moderate depression and mild bipolar disorder) naturally (without pharmaceuticals).

NUTRITION & Digestion 

The gut is essential to mood, anxiety, and overall health.  Many medical problems and auto-immune conditions can be traced to poor diet, stress, and resultant poor digestion.  Ayurveda is an ancient system founded in whole foods nutrition that is specifically matched to individuals' unique constitutions. Since working at the Chopra Center, nutrition & digestion have become two of my specialities. Healing irritable bowel, constipation, & more is possible!

Enhancing ENERGY &
Transcending BURNOUT

Fatigue & insomnia are signs the adrenal glands and other hormone systems of the body are not functioning correctly. Burnout is a psycho-physiological condition that may mean you are not on your true soul path. I know these problems personally and have healed myself. There is much I can do to help using herbs, diet, yoga, meditation, astrology, coaching, psychotherapy, and nutraceuticals.


Accepting ourselves and choosing the make the absolute most of our lives, despite their challenges, is very important to health and happiness. Acceptance is a journey, and self-love and peace are natural byproducts of taking it...


Helping people find their paths, understand their  unique dharma (divine purpose), and recognize their strengths + weakness is one of my favorite things to do. Astrology is an extremely valuable tool for this, as it shows a soul's intentions for this lifetime. The astrology chart offers patterns which can be used to time changes and track progress as we wind our way thru the Mystery. 

Women's Health

I love helping women (at all stages of life) regain balance in their hormone systems (using 100% herbs and diet only--no bioidentical or other hormones).  Endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, fertility, PMS, menopause, and more can be helped holistically. I also focus on aging gracefully/longevity medicine, skin care, libido, and more ... 

Stress & Anxiety

Stress & anxiety are two of my specialties.  Feeling ungrounded and overwhelmed is really an unpleasant way to go through life!  I have many herbal, dietary, psychotherapeutic, spiritual, and astrological tools to help bring the body, mind, and spirit into a place of calm acceptance & balance.


If you've ever been curious about the ancient Ayurvedic medical system from India, I'd love to introduce you to its potential. It has the power to integrate your life with the cycles of nature, balance your entire mind-body system, and resolve many physical and emotional issues.


Are something I understand personally! They can be hereditary but also often indicate an underlying imbalance.  There are many holistic dietary, behavioral, & herbal approaches that can help.  



Dr. Budd is not only gifted at what she does, but she genuinely cares about the well being of her patients.  Her non-traditional method of practice is what I think helped me most. Since I started seeing her I have learned a lot about myself and holistic medicine which has helped me find healthier solutions to any mental or physical pain I may be in.  If it wasn't for her I may have never found inner peace or my spiritual side.

- J.B., patient from previous practice in Tucson, AZ and phone/online practice 


Here I Am

It goes with sparkles~

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Email is the best way to reach me, but you can listen to my voicemail at 808-635-9485 and leave a message if you'd like.

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