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Explore what I do here or contact me to design a custom offering.  Astrology, Coaching, Psych, & Ayurveda online sessions can be booked directly via online scheduler below. If you are international and prefer an evening, weekend, or Monday time, contact me directly. I'll occasionally work outside of my normal hours, if specifically requested. The scheduler should show your time, though I am on Pacific Time. Please email to confirm a session, if you don't get a confirmation from me promptly.  Paperwork for Ayurveda, Mentorship, Coaching, and Holistic Psych is under the "More" tab above.  I'll need this 24h prior to your session.  Send promptly to ensure we don't have to reschedule. Astrology doesn't require paperwork. I've raised some of my prices a bit recently because of inflation! Still try to price as fairly as I can. Happy to meet you soon!