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When Manifesting Fails!! #yikes #seriouslytho

I created this video as a follow-up to my recent video on learning to manifest with astrology. That vid is all about timing your manifestation attempts with the movement of Jupiter and the energy of Sagittarius (and also understanding how the Sag/Jupiter energy plays a distinct role in the lives of people who are "easy manifestors").

Because not everyone is an "easy manifestor" (not even me), I wanted to make a follow up video to help people embrace and compassionately cope with their disappointment if they are in that group (the not-so-consistently-effective-manifestor group). I include some astrological explanations for WHY some people have a hard time manifesting and then go into steps I've found (personally and professionally) to be useful in transcending disappointment when we don't get what we want.

I spend a lot of time (in one way or another) on this topic in both my astrology and psychology sessions, so I thought it was time for a video!!

Check this out if you find yourself a bit bummed when you are unable to translate your dreams rather effortlessly into reality. It may help you see things from a different perspective--one that is all-in for your soul's growth.

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