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The Astrology of Intention Setting

Align Your Efforts with the Energy of the Stars

Though many people attempt to “manifest their dreams” all year long, January is actually an ideal time to set intentions, astrologically. The time period Dec 31 thru the first few weeks of January, which is when most people set their New Year’s Resolutions, falls during Capricorn season. Capricorn is the most goal-oriented, hard-working sign of the Zodiac. Thus, many people create resolutions and are actually able to make progress on them, for at least a few weeks. Capricorn season supports the discipline, determination and routine needed to make progress towards change.

The mountain goat, a durable, capable climber, is the symbol of Capricorn. Mountain goats in nature can be found scaling incredibly perilous peaks and hanging on by their hoofs. They have excellent footing and never seem to fatigue. The same is true (physically and mentally) of people born during Capricorn season. They are resilient, focused “finishers” who will make it to the top. Even if you have no planets in Capricorn in your personal astrology chart, it’s still possible to make use of the potent “get it done” energy this time of year.

If you are sensitive to fine vibrations (empaths, that’s you!!) you can probably feel the subtle energy that makes everyone’s life just a little more practical, diligent, and disciplined right now. I like to take advantage of these vibes to make as much progress as possible on decisions, plans, and projects. Capricorn season is for tying up loose ends and finishing things we’ve neglected during the less serious seasons of the year. Capricorn is the perfect time for crossing old items off your to-do list and adding some more (aka New Year’s Resolutions)!!

Aligning your intentions to the astrology of the moment is one of the secrets of manifesting, as I understand it. Naturally good manifestors do this intuitively! I’ve researched a lot of people’s charts at the times when various positive things appear in their lives, and those moments are often (almost always) linked to discrete astrological events (often involving Jupiter, Venus, the sun, the progressed moon, and the north node).

So, with that in mind, make as much progress as you can on your Capricorn-powered intentions during the first three weeks of January because when the sun moves into Aquarius Jan 19/20 the motivation and determination of Capricorn season dissipates. Aquarius, an air sign, is known for changing its mind (and its direction). Aquarius likes to do exactly opposite of what’s expected. It moves in zig-zag, if not directly in reverse. Thus, don’t be surprised if “resolutions” lose their steam during Aquarius and Pisces season. Neither of those signs is focused on completion. Your intentions will instead (probably) undergo revision, expansion, and experimentation during those times so they can be born anew in Aries and pushed forward again during Taurus.

In Gemini season expect to forget everything or focus only on communication or informational aspects of your goals and dreams. In Cancer season emotional needs and family ties dominate, so if intentions are in those areas, they may be realized. In Leo season unfinished intentions become less important because you remember that you already are fabulous. Leo is about showing off what is already complete and filling your heart with romance and fun! Virgo season offers a 180, however, bringing us back to reality. To-do lists, goals, and completing the tasks that didn’t happen during Leo = the natural course of Virgo.

Libra season gracefully redirects the focus back to enjoyment and pleasure. Relationship-oriented intentions, however, could definitely be attained! Scorpio season is too busy exploring its inner mysteries and slaying the metaphoric dragon to get much done that isn’t subtitled “growth and transformation”. All your learning and travel goals can reach cheerful fulfillment during Sagittarius. And then we are back (again) to the steady realm of achievement-oriented Capricorn.

Sooo, as you can see, each Zodiac energy facilitates a specific sort of progress … on different types of projects! Truly important resolutions will experience stages of refinement through each season of the stars. Allowing the wishes from your heart to align with the vibrations in the sky results in the energy of the cosmos working in your favor. If the timing is right and your desire matches your destiny, chances are good that the dream of your soul will wake on the planet.

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