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Living By the LIGHT of the MOON...

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius!! ♐︎🌕

Here's a little Sagittarius story for you!

My day started at 6:30 am, which is really early for me, esp on a weekend (I'm a night owl!). I got ready in a pretty white outfit, drove to LA (2 hours), arrived at the LAX Hilton around 10:30am, and received my "token" (queue assignment) to see AMMA (the "hugging saint" I then filed into a huge, hot, basement-level conference room with several thousand other people, meditated with Amma for about an hour, and then sat in a different chair in the same room listening to kirtan musicians while watching people methodically get hugs from Amma all day long. I waited 4.5 hours in that hot, crowded room for my turn to get a hug. I was surprised that the time actually went by pretty quickly! I was only about 5 rows back from the stage where the hugs were happening, so I could see some of the facial expressions. It was very touching to see how vulnerable people would be and how Amma gave so much love to every single person. She did not stop for a break in the 7 or so hours I was in that room!

Sagittarius loves a good spiritual adventure! This was a perfect Sag activity, and the timing/alignment with this particular full moon is one reason I made the effort to go. I saw Amma once before in 2006, when I lived in Seattle (I was an intern--first year of residency training). My friend from Telluride (where I lived for several years prior to residency) Bruce and I went. It was a really confusing and difficult time for me (being an intern), so I welcomed any and all sources of compassion!! I waited 4+ hours for my hug that day, too. It was a nice experience the first time, but it was much more powerful today. My heart was more closed before due to all the struggle I was having at that time, so I do not think I could fully receive the energy that was being given. The hug today was seriously one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced, energy-wise, in my life. Pure love. It's def a gift to just be in the presence of Amma and even more amazing that you can actually be the recipient of her focused love and attention, for maybe about 30 seconds, if you are willing to wait for it...

Sagittarius is classically associated with spiritual energy, seeking gurus, chasing adventures, and that sort of thing. An event with Amma does fit in with that energy, but she energetically feels more like the classic/archetypal Cancer energy--the true Divine Mother embodied. She is pure nurturance, pure compassion, pure love. In her connection to nurturance, she is connected to the moon. Strangely, I've never looked up her astrology chart, so I just checked it online. She does indeed have a strong moon-n.node (destiny line) trine, meaning the energy of the moon/nurturance is a big part of her destiny. Amma's moon is in grounded and earthy Taurus, which explains her very Kapha (the most nurturing, supportive, grounded dosha) feeling, Ayurvedically. Her moon is in a loose opposition to her rising sign Scorpio (this also puts some emphasis on the themes of moon/nurturing in her personality). She has strong planets in the 11th and 12th house, including her sun (in balanced, graceful Libra in the 11th) explaining her humanitarian efforts and strong karma for working with groups of people (plus her n. node is in progressive/humanitarian Aquarius in the 3rd house of communication and teaching). She has Pluto in the 10th house, which is a placement that often makes people powerful agents of transformation and change.

Similar to the way the new moon is soothing and the full moon is activating, receiving a hug from Amma was a total full-moon-style energy upgrade for every single person who walked off the stage after the experience, including myself!! (People were literally beaming!) Not sure how long the vibrational shift will last, but since we are learning more and more about epigenetics and how experiences (and thoughts) can subtly change the expression of our DNA..., surely experiencing pure love directed specifically at us has to create an impact. Would love for some scientists to start studying some "Amma Outcomes" (better relationships, improved engagement with work/family, improved mood, improved compassion are some things I'd propose might be experienced in the days following an encounter with Amma...) I'll let you know ... ❤️Thank you Amma.

Photo of young Amma. Amma means "mother", and she really is a perfect embodiment of the Divine Mother energy.

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