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Looking for Your PURPOSE? Read this!!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I love helping people find their purpose, which evolves through various stages in our lives. I've always been a really motivational person, and that innate trait continues on in my work. Inspiring people to reach for their highest potentials (in health, in career, in mind, in spirit, in all ways) is what I am about!!

Dharma Mapping

A few years ago I designed a special service called "Dharma Mapping" to specifically hone and share my inspirational "purpose finding" skills. In a Dharma Mapping session I use people's astrology charts to see what their soul intended for their lives (and particularly for this stage of their lives). Then I weave in focused questions, motivational thinking, coaching, creative ideas, and intuition to help them make a plan and start to move more clearly in the direction of their soul's intended path.

My methods have helped people select grad schools, change careers, choose college majors, plan their retirement projects (or entrepreneurial endeavors), step up their community involvement, repair their relationships, quit drinking, heal auto-immune conditions, plan for a family, and more. Some people's charts and sessions encourage them to stay (but make some changes) in their current jobs or home situations. Other people's charts and sessions suggest paths further afield from where they currently are.

The awesome thing about Dharma Mapping (or purpose finding on your own) is that every step is research. The client gets to take small steps in the direction the session suggested. They can then interpret how the Universe supports or blocks those shifts and changes.

How you feel when taking action in the direction of a hope or dream is really important. If energized with a growing sense of curiosity or fulfillment, you are on the right track.

Feelings of stagnation and dissatisfaction (or full blown burnout), on the other hand, are signs that you are off track or need to put in some new energy to meet some of your soul's goals for this time in your life. It's possible to find and understand your dharma simply by listening to the subtle nudges and callings of your heart. Observe the kinds of ideas, conversations, businesses, programs, people, and topics that genuinely engage you. Consider the skills (of ANY type) that seem to come naturally to you. Ponder what has been wonderful or fulfilling already in your life. Also consider what seems to be "missing". You can usually feel it! All of these thoughts, feelings, and observations offer important hints about your destiny or dharma.

Notice especially if you get REALLY EXCITED thinking about something, talking about something, or observing something that someone else is doing.

Your excitement and expanded energy is the biggest YES possible. Notice also if you have a warm or "opening" feeling in your heart when you do, say, or think about certain things. Heart, mind, and body activation and alignment are important indicators of dharma.


If you are curious about the astrology of "finding your destiny", I wrote a rather ambitious article about it for MindBodyGreen last month (April 2022-link below). I have the vision to make this process into a book, and the article was my first step in that direction. With a little bit of effort, even someone with zero prior astrological experience should be able to begin to comprehend how the chart functions to reveal the soul's plans. If you know some basic astro fundamentals, the article can help you gain significant understanding about your purpose.

Of course, if you want a personalized astro + coaching + intuitive exploration of your deepest and grandest potential, you can book a Dharma Mapping session. I love doing 1:1 sessions. I wrote the article, however, because I know that not everyone can become my client My schedule and time are limited, and private sessions are essentially a premium offering. I want to help as many people as possible during my time here on earth (in this body, with these skills and this dharma), so books, articles, courses (coming soon), videos, and my Instagram great ways for a large number of people to benefit for free or with a modest investment.

My intention (in all I do) is to fan the flame of the spark already in YOU!

Here's the link to the MindBodyGreen article. I'm really happy to be working with MBG more and more over the past year. They feature some other amazing astrologers, healers, and physicians, so I am honored to be included in their panel of experts.

Mission Statement

I mentioned in the MBG article that my own dharma involves "divine service helping others transform with compassion". I arrived at that statement by thinking of the key words or themes associated with each of my top three placements (sun, moon, rising sign) in astrology and combining them into a sentence. I have a Virgo moon (divine service), a Scorpio sun (transformation), and Cancer rising (compassion). That statement encapsulates a mission I weave into all I do and create, including the above article and this post. I think it's really helpful to have a mission statement. I encourage nearly all of my mentorship and coaching clients to formulate one. It's useful to create one from your heart, and then compare it to the one you come up with using your top three astro placements.

My heart-centered mission statement is - "I'm here to inspire people to shine as brightly as possible" (reach their fullest potential in mind, body, and spirit). In case you haven't noticed, star symbolism + the shine theme are big for me and have been since long before I was an astrologer. It's almost kind of cliche these days, but those energies describe what I LOVE to do! Once you have both mission statements compare them and see if there's some overlap. Most likely the heart-centered mission connects to the astro mission. Both are important and quite possibly describe and can orient you to your dharma/purpose moving forward.

So, with my own mission statement in mind, I want to take this little paragraph to remind you that who you are is special, wonderful, and extremely unique. All that you have been through, the joys, the adventures, the pain, and the challenges, were put there by your soul to help you expand and grow. They are there to prepare many of you to serve in some unique way.

Often your dharma lives in a space between your gifts and your wounds.


Purpose blooms in the fertile ground of transcendence. This is a space and place that results from slowly facing and integrating (accepting, learning from, growing through) your specific weaknesses and challenges. Whether your purpose involves creating stability (building things or supporting their creation), cooking, making music, teaching children, advising others, or whatever it is, you do it for a reason and in response to things you feel, think, value, or have experienced. (You also do it for an astrological reason that is most likely a pre-planned part of your mission here.) So, allow yourself to feel inspired to look deeper, especially if you have felt confused or untethered. Have patience, as well, especially if you have noticed yourself to be a "seeking" kind of soul. For some, the journey really is the destination, and your life example and the wisdom gained from the quest itself may be your purpose.

Just remember, there is meaning for everyone here on earth! That meaning can look different from what you're expecting. So many little things can be important to the path and mission of a soul. Helping one particular person, connecting with an especially important (soulmate) friend at a certain time in your life, being a good partner, creating boundaries, repairing relationships, learning to forgive...these all can be part of someone's purpose at different times in their lives. There are objectives your soul came here to achieve, both personally and professionally, healing included. To live your dharma is to be in touch with your softest parts and your strongest. When you can consciously connect (and LOVE) both ends of your own personal spectrum, you are ready to shine!

Your vulnerabilities create diamonds.

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