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Anyone Seen the Bill Gates Documentary?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

(Thanks for the copy of the chart!)

Bill Gates documentary (only watched part 1 so far) on Netflix. Super interesting. I never really knew that much about him! Made me want to look up his astrology chart, which was also super interesting (of course)! Scorpio with Cancer rising (same as me!) with a really strong Uranus (innovation, independence) right on his ascendant. (I have Uranus next to my sun.) This explains the revolting from his parents' authority (which he called "arbitrary" in the film). Totally to be expected with Uranus on the ascendant. That is a 100% visionary signature.

His ruling planet (the moon) is in Aires (new ideas, reactivity, getting something started, action) in the 10th house of career/public image. Also makes sense. He was a soul on purpose (per astrology, "on fire") for career (and public position) from the beginning! Mars in the 4th house of home/mother along with sun in 4th explains his strong homebody nature, strong connection (sun) but also antagonism (Mars) with his mom. Interesting that the ruler (Mars) of his 10th house (career) is in the house of mother. He apparently worked with his mother at Microsoft for many years (hired her to help him). He has Mercury and Neptune in the 4th as well (saying more about his mom and his homelife). There's a Neptune-sun conjunction making him a DREAMER, imaginative, and kind of "other worldly"--also possibly a bit vulnerable to deception (giving and receiving--the giving part could even be unconscious: due to self-deception).

One of Bill's sisters makes a comment in the documentary about how his mother's high social engagement in community projects likely oriented his later life towards humanitarian pursuits. Yes AND it also comes from his soul code (aka astrology)! I was expecting a stronger 11th house in him (social/activism/humanitarian/group activities), but that area of the chart is notably empty, which in retrospect does seem to fit his introverted personality. The humanitarian thing is well explained by the strong Uranus (the planet that rules humanitarian efforts/progressive thinking/technology/innovation) on the ascendant. (It's also important to note that the above chart is a little misleading. It happens not to show the south node, an astrologic indicator of probable past life experience/talents/skills. In Bill's case, the s node falls in the 11th house in Gemini. That means there IS something in the 11th house after all! Something that suggests Bill has natural ability as a humanitarian and as a teacher, speaker, & writer.)

Bill's north node (destiny) is in the sign of truth-seeking Sagittarius in the 5th house of creativity, self-expression, self-exploration ("Who am I?", "What am I doing here?", "How can I best shine?"), children, love, fun, games, and play. He talks about asking some of those questions of himself in the documentary! The documentary also talks about his love of games and competition. The latter most likely comes from his strong Mars conjunct the IC in the 4th house and opposed his moon in the 10th, but the love of games definitely could be influenced by 2 planets (Venus-Saturn conjunction), an asteroid (Lilith), the Vertex (a minor destiny line), and his n node in the 5th. That Mars-moon opposition is a notable placement that further describes the fiery/passionate (and often difficult, esp in childhood) relationship with his mother and a fiery/passionate/reactive (-->easily frustrated--a trait that's mentioned in the film!!) but also independent/courageous/instigative part of his own emotional nature.

The Saturn-Venus conjunction in Scorpio in the 5th house is in a favorable "trine" (120 degree angle) to his ascendant in Cancer. This gives him a mix of positive energy and charm (Venus) and very hard-working, stubborn, and determined energy (Saturn) in his personality. It also makes it highly likely his first child would be a daughter (Venus influence), possibly with a strong Saturnian personality. Also possible that a son would follow the daughter. Venus conjunct Saturn is an interesting combination -- almost like a mixing of opposites. Venus is flowy and easy-going, and Saturn is straight-forward, ordered, and practical. So, there is a fusion of these traits in Bill's personality (and potentially in his children, as well).

And we haven't even discussed the fascinating (and highly relevant) topic of FINANCES!! For this we move to the 2nd house where there is a tight conjunction between ultra-positive (blessing planet) Jupiter and uber-intense (passion planet) Pluto! Holy smokes is this a textbook perfect placement for one of most financially successful (and driven) individuals of our time?!? (It is!) Pluto in the 2nd will often result in wealth due to a very strong (usu even "obsessive") drive for it, but it can also cause losses. (Transformation is part of Pluto's teaching agenda!) Jupiter in the 2nd will also often result in wealth (usually coming quite easily or naturally -- without the whole up and down thing). The connection between Jupiter and Pluto improves Pluto's influence, making wealth (and asset management) a clear part of Bill's soul plan.

I could go on (and on!), but that's a pretty good starter summary...

Now you know one of my favorite things to do in my spare time! Analyze the charts of well-known people!! It's fun and intriguing, and I always learn something I can use to improve my skills!! 🌟

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