• mysticmandala

Soul's Troll

The spiral path

To your soul

Is guarded by

A lonely troll.

He endeavors to stop

All who enter–

Who try to grow

And find their center.

It’s not his fault.

He has forgotten

His real, true purpose

Is to show you the button

The button to press

To open the chamber

That passageway to

Love’s container.

When you’ve mastered

The keys to life’s game

You are ready to pass

Into this flame:

The center of the heart,

The gateway to GOD…

Home is where it leads;

The troll is a fraud.

So, know that he’s there,

Nod when he tries

To keep out what simply

Must pass on by.


In you are going,

In you must go.

Your destiny awaits you–

At the end of the rainbow.

-Kayse B.

(This is one of my favorites.... By the way, I have most of my poems originally published on a separate poetry blog: www.diaryofamysticgypsy.com . I am slowly moving a few of them over here, but if you want to check out the larger collection--some short, some whimsical, most spiritual, some funny, some deep--you can visit that page.)