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Sunflower's Wisdom

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Watercolor + Poem by Kayse Budd

Painted this pretty sunflower my mom gave me the other day. 💛 And wrote a poem!!


I love sunflowers. They are so graceful but also so ... sturdy! I like how they carry their beauty and strength with dignity, like a queen! I am fascinated by the way they spend their day perpetually turning towards the sun. I think we can learn a lot from this behavior! Our bodies, too, are incredible tools that want to guide us towards the light. They try to align us with what feels good and orient us towards what can help us grow.


Sometimes we misinterpret or repress this most natural feedback from our bodies. Sometimes we are cut off from ourselves, separate from the body's intuition and wisdom--like this flower in a vase is separated from its roots. But unlike a cut flower, we can plug back into the earth and center ourselves. We can quiet the mind and listen again. Every new days offers another opportunity to find and face the metaphoric sun.


I try to consciously spend every day living the sunflower's message. I try to feel what I most what to do next, feel what is CALLING me, feel for the warmest/highest/brightest option. I feel for that pull. And after I follow it and have a wonderful day or meet someone important or accomplish something meaningful (or have an impactful challenge that I know will help me grow), I am grateful to my body for guiding me and to my mind and heart for listening.



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