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I Started a YouTube Channel !!

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Super psyched about this! It's called THE ASTRO MUSE!!

It's going to be a blend of psychology, astrology, health topics, and spirituality. I'm no videographer, so the learning curve is a bit steep, which is honestly why it's taken me so long to do this (even though I've been thinking about it for years). I finally got a professional vlogging kit with a tripod, light, + mic, and I am making an effort to learn some basic video editing skills.

Like everything I do, I want this channel to be infused with art and magic, so part of my plan for the channel was to create some art on a chalkboard, which is shown in the pic above. I have a second chalkboard that I may use for occasional additional art or blank space for teaching points. This will be great until I go traveling again, and at that point I will have to find a more portable way to make my episodes creative and colorful. I'm sure I'll think of something...

My first episode is about "Embracing Your Life". The episode is 10 minutes long and includes a lovely metaphor I created years ago to help inspire a client to stop comparing himself to others and to choose to do the best he could with his life...exactly as it was. There is a bit of an astro discussion in the episode about how our lives, including their challenges, really do seem to be set up in advance (astrology reveals this learning plan of the soul). We lose a lot of energy if we are constantly wishing things were different (different partner, different body, different talents, different challenges, different family, different history, etc.).

Episode 2: Coming Soon!!

Check out the episode!! I made it with the intention to inspire people to love themselves more, invest even further in their own their own potential. My mission is to help others embrace their gifts and SHINE!!

If you like the episode please click the "like" button, and if you're really feeling the LOVE please leave a positive comment. This will help the YouTube algorithm show the vid to more people!! Also, please subscribe to my channel if you want to support this endeavor and help it grow!

Here's the link below. I'll get a custom URL when I hit 100 subscribers!!

Thanks so much!! Hope the episode makes you SMILE!!

Here to inspire YOU!!


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