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Being the ASTRO MUSE!

Updated: Apr 12, 2022


🦄 Yep. Here I am... Being the Astro Muse!! ✨🧝‍♀️⭐️.

. Sharing a super rare pic from work today!! One of my most fabulous clients photographed me as a memory of her retreat at the Chopra Center, & it occurred to me that I could share a little peek into my world with you guys, too. . . This is my office at the Chopra Center, where I do holistic medicine & Ayurveda consults, integrative psychiatry, & intuitive astrology 3 days per week. (I also work online from home 2d/w). Some days are entirely astrology!!! Like today!!! So fun!! Other days are blended medicine-astro. Def I am a unicorn amongst doctors. I do happen to know a few other mystic astrologer-MDs, but we are def rare!! In ancient times most doctors were astrologers, however. So, as things tend to cycle, I see myself as a way shower bringing an ancient art back into a place (medicine) where it really can be incredibly useful. . .

I truly love doing astrology. It’s an authentic passion. I started studying it in 2000–while in medical school!! I learned casually for years, and my progress picked up exponentially when I opened my own healing center in Tucson in 2009. I started using astrology to help me understand some of my patients. I learned so much by looking at people’s charts and watching their lives evolve over time. Soon people were asking me to do readings for their partners & children. And like that, my astrology practice was born ⭐️. .


I think of myself as an “Astro Muse” because I try to use the stars to INSPIRE people!! I like to utilize astrology to help people make peace with the circumstances of their lives. I use it to help myself & others understand what our souls intended to focus on, heal, & accomplish in this lifetime. . .

I'm also really quite intrigued by the concept of muses, in general. Creativity and imagination are two of my favorite topics...It does seem like mystical and creative energy often moves through us, rather than originating discretely within us. And this wave of creative inspiration is personified by the goddess-like muse... In ancient Greek mythology there were 9 main muses. Probably, there are many more. There may be a muse for every category of idea. Interestingly, long before I studied astrology, I studied mythology. It was one of my favorite courses in college (I took it freshman year). It provided a much-needed respite from my fact-heavy premed science classes. Mythology plays a strong role in astrology, so my early passion for mythology is definitely a fascinating coincidence (synchronicity!!). Urania is the muse of astrology from classic Greek mythology, so the concept of there being an astro muse is definitely ancient. Often when I do readings I feel as if a mysterious doorway is opened that allows the needed information to pass through me to the client. Sometimes I can do four or more readings of the same chart at different times, and each will be filled with different nuances appropriate to that moment.


So, I naturally feel very aligned with the energy of the muse.

Rock Art Sculpture I Made of a "Canyon Muse" (#thequirkinessneverends)

When the muse gets in me
She takes right over...
Magic starts flowing
Logic runs for cover.

I also write poems, paint, dance, and play multiple instruments. I like acting, too! I feel pretty aligned with many of the classical muses!! There is one for poetry, music, dance, hymns. (Also, history, tragedy, and comedy.) I consider "the muse" (generically) as the giver of any creative impulse. I wrote the above short poem (and created that quirky rock art) while living in LA in 2013. I spent several months in a dedicated writer's cottage (where many screenplays had been written) high up windy Beverly Glen Canyon. The walls were painted yellow (the color of the willful & self-confident 3rd chakra), and the creative energy was palpable in the space. I wrote multiple poems in that cottage and felt very blessed to spend so much time with the muse...

. In addition to being a muse-lover, I am also quite intuitive (Scorpio w/ Cancer rising). (Are muses and intuition related?? Probably!! 🕳) Astrology has definitely become a framework I use to relay intuitive information to patients. There are many different ways astrological patterns can be interpreted, so I often use my knowledge, experience-base, AND my intuition (+ the muse ✨) to point me towards the best-fitting meaning. ♏️♋️♍️ The awesome thing about being a psychiatrist AND an astrologer is that I can absolutely use my psychotherapy and analytical skills to help a client understand his or her unconscious energies and motivations, and then I can use astrology to rapidly help the same person accept the purpose of these energies/motivations/actions at the soul level. It's an incredible synergy!!

I endeavor to use astrology to help people accept their lives and honor + love themselves more! ❤️

. The new moon eclipse in Cancer this week was potent for me bc it fell in my first house (of self/personality)! (Look up where the sign of Cancer is located in your astrology chart on , and that is where the eclipse energy will be most active for you). I actually found myself tested by an event on that day. Opportunities sometimes come during eclipses (psychological/spiritual, professional, or personal). Occasionally, secrets or hidden information is revealed. It's a potent time. I was extremely mindful that day & chose a diff response from my initial/usual impulse because of the eclipse. Curious to observe the ripples over the coming months. The impact of an eclipse can mature over a period of weeks to months. Anyone else feel it? 🌖🌑🌔 . . #peekintomyworld #astromuse #astrology 💛 #eclipseportal #cancernewmoon #chopracenter

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