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Announcing 2 New Programs in My Practice

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Many people have requested this content, so I made an intention a few weeks ago to start putting together curriculum elements for 2 new mentorship-style educational programs. One is an 8-week "Develop Your Intuition" and the other is a 10-week "Learn the Tarot". I am planning to set aside two weekends to record the course lectures and ultimately make these programs downloadable on Teachable or Udemy (online educational hosting platforms) in a few months (maybe sooner). That will be an affordable way to access this information. For those who might appreciate the 1:1 mentorship-style teaching and personal relationship with its self-development and growth opportunities, the current course design may be perfect.

I already have a 4- to 33-week astrology apprenticeship program where students can learn astrology from a very basic, introductory level all the way up to a practicing professional level (Career enhancement possibilities!! I have trained multiple practicing astrologers and several writers who use astrology in their work!). I have 4 different mentorship programs, as well. Mentorship I is for MDs, PAs, NPs, psychologists, and other health professionals who want to make their practices more holistic. Mentorship II is for the general public and includes 4 tracks (mind, body, spirit, and Ayurveda). There are 6 lessons in each track, and any combination of tracks can be taken. This program can be used for personal growth/health enhancement or training towards serving as a wellness coach.

Mentorship III is my "non-scripted" mentor program. All my other programs have pre-planned lessons I've written as a foundation for each session. Mentorship III is more of a coaching and spiritual development experience. Some people use it for career guidance, self-exploration, spiritual growth, path finding, and so on. Mentorship IV is an 8-week energy medicine program that includes mind-body-spirit teaching along the theme of the chakra system. There is a lesson on each chakra including psychological, physical, and spiritual functions (and dysfunctions) associated with each chakra. The lessons also include suggestions for balancing over- or under-active chakras at each level. Astrological associations for each chakra are also discussed.

I really love teaching, and mentorship, especially, is a really gratifying part of my work. It makes more financial sense to offer courses in a group format (multiple students) or as a downloadable program, but I truly love the 1:1 personal connection that is possible in mentorship. This style of teaching may not always be feasible, depending on how my practice evolves and develops, but I am grateful I've been able to do this kind of work for the past few years. I cherish those mentorship relationships and genuinely love supporting my students' transformation and growth.

It feels like work I am supposed to be doing, even if only part of the time!

If any of these offerings seem like a fit for you, check out the pages on my website dedicated to the different programs (Astrology, Tarot, & Intuition are under the Courses tab, and the 4 Mentorships are under the Services tab). Check back in a few weeks for a possible update on the downloadable courses' progress.

And, of course, if now doesn't feel like the right time for an investment in an educational or personal growth experience, check out my YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. I offer quite a bit of free info on health, astrology, psychology, and spirituality topics there each week. I would love for my efforts with those social media outlets to help (or at least entertain!!) some people!! 😊

Happy full moon in Leo tonight!! 🦁 Stay bold, stay brave, & keep creating!! That's Leo's way!


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