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20 Positive Perspectives to Incorporate into Your Life

My latest article for written in honor of Suicide Prevention Week (9/6-9/12).

Includes a list of thought-provoking questions, statements, mantras, and bits of wisdom I've accumulated during my years as a spiritual seeker and integrative psychiatrist + astrologer.

Here's an excerpt (click on the pic to go to the article):

Also was able to include was of my original poems "Mind Mosaic" that's about creating art inside your head! I see happiness that way! Creative, magical, dependent on the artist, and somewhat unpredictable, happiness is a collection of things, like a mosaic!

There's also a list of 12 helpful practices that can also support the mood and encourage equanimity, many of them evidence-based (with references).

This is me doing yoga, in nature, (2 of the positive practices together) the day before I wrote this article.

Worked hard on this -- attempted to capture some of the most potent ideas and concepts I work with during my sessions. Not too many people can become regular, long-term clients in my practice -- due to finances or limited space or other reasons, so I try to create offerings such as this little "listicle" that are available free of charge. It is my gift to anyone who is interested. Some Kayse-isms for traveling your inner journey!


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