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A Few More Specialties...

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Finding Your Path

Helping people find their path, understand their dharma (divine purpose in this lifetime), time changes/transitions, and understand their strengths + weakness is perhaps my favorite thing to do. Astrology is an extremely valuable tool for this task, as it shows us our soul's intentions for this life. It gives hints for timing changes and tracking our progress in life. What could be more mysteriously fascinating?!

In Ayurveda a big part of ongoing health maintenance is DETOX--not the "get better from addiction" kind of detox, but the "remove chemicals and pesticides from my body" kind... I am an expert at holistic/natural/gentle approaches to purifying the body from the inside out.



Is essential to health. I use Ayurveda, psychology, and herbs while attempting to address sleep issues at their underlying ROOT cause.  Chinese medicine says we need a certain amount of "chi" (energy) to eject our souls into the Spirit realm during sleep. Thus, sleeping well (without medications) is a relative indicator of health. Poor sleep generally indicates there is an underlying imbalance to be understood and healed...

Weight Loss and Eating Disorders

An Ayurvedic dosha-pacifying diet makes weight loss and/or finding one's natural metabolic set-point relatively easy. This is extremely helpful for those who are overweight or otherwise out of balance regarding food (emotional eating, etc). I also work with eating issues on the other end of the spectrum (anorexia/bulimia).

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