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Honeycomb Dreamer

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

A poetic journey into the imagination...

.🌙 Once upon a time in a far distant land there lived a young girl by the sea.


Closing her eyes, her soul opened wide. She allowed her heart to fly free.


Down she went—into the unknown: a journey inside her own skin.


Rainbows sang and honeycombs listened as she traveled the spiral within.


In the caverns of consciousness she met a strange wizard whose purple dragon said:


Many have forgotten, but still you remember--imagination is how life is fed.


____________________________________________________________________________💜 _________________________

Words by Kayse Budd (that’s me!!)


Originally published this on Instagram, but wanted to share here as well because I worked quite hard on this special little piece. I have a lyrical, poetic mind and heart, and I love to use my unique way of seeing the world to inspire others to tap into a sense of playful wonder and magic they may have forgotten. ✨.


I've been dreamily immersed in the watercolor's creation for the past week, and the poem is part of a longer children’s story I started writing several years ago. Still hope to publish it in entirety someday! .

Watercolor self-portrait is a new challenge for me, but I enjoyed it. Hope it made you smile, too!! 🐉

Here's the full pic below...

Honeycomb Dreamer. Watercolor by Kayse Budd.

Keep dreaming!! 🌈☁️✨🎪🐝💗📿

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