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Mentorship IV--Mandala Mystery School

This mentorship is a mind-body-spirit learning and self-development program organized along the theme of the CHAKRA SYSTEM.  Each chakra has an ancient mandala symbol representing it (you can see some of these on my "Art" page), and the mentorship lessons themselves form a sort of journey inward--from the physical level (1st chakra) to the more transcendental and profound (7th and 8th chakras).  

The mandala (and the "journey inward" that it represents) was my original practice inspiration when I opened my healing center after residency many years ago.  It remains a powerful symbol in my life and work (and is still part of my IG name: @mysticmandala).  

Design:  There are 8 lessons in this program, one for each of the 7 major chakra in the body + 1 session for the 8th chakra, which is above and around the body (includes the aura). 


Each chakra lesson includes discussion of the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional associations for each chakra.  


Since everything is connected, energetic imbalances in the chakra system at a certain level connect to issues in our physical health/body at that same level.  These physical issues often have emotional counterparts.  True healing involves addressing an issue at all levels (energetic, psychologic/emotional, and physical).


Core Content:  This mentorship covers symptoms of balance and imbalance (excess and deficiency) in each of the chakras at both a physical and emotional level.  Suggestions to improve imbalance at each level are discussed.  These suggestions include herbal remedies, dietary advice, behavioral changes, new ways of thinking, and strategies for shifting energy (including energy work itself).  

Astrology correlations for each chakra are woven into the lessons. When someone's birth chart contains a large amount of the astrologic energy (the signs or planets) associated with a particular chakra, that chakra is naturally strong in their bodies.  (The converse is also true: a birth chart containing minimal energy associated with a particular chakra makes that chakra weak.)  Super interesting!!

Yoga meditation hands woman in yoga lotu



This mentorship is the most spiritual of all my programs--functioning like a modern mystery school.  


Depending on how fast we cover each session's core material each week, there may be opportunity to explore issues within your own body, mind, spirit, and life at the different chakra levels.  


Each lesson will include optional journaling and other experiential assignments to take the learning to a deeper, more personal level.  

I plan to eventually make this a downloadable program with recorded audio and video content + printed materials that people can work through on their own, but for now it is a 1:1 program.  I love to teach and mentor each student personally, but this will not always be possible due to time limitations, especially as my practice grows.  If you are interested, I encourage you jump on this opportunity now...

Price There is only one price option for this program.

8 90-Min Sessions: $1551

To Apply:  Fill out the paperwork under the "more" tab, and email it to me with your preference of time options for the sessions.  Mentorship sessions are usually on Tu or Thurs. Sometimes there is a several week wait for a time slot, but I do my best to begin as promptly as possible.     

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