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About This Book

I created much of this ebook while I was designing a lecture on the same topic for UCLA School of Medicine/Cedars Sinai Hospital in 2020. I gave that lecture via webinar while I was living in Costa Rica. I was living a super eco-integrated lifestyle at that time, so the topic was really close to my heart.

It turns out that spending 1-2 hours in nature is one of the easiest and fastest ways to notably improve your mood, stress, and anxiety levels. That is why I made this book. I love nature. I want to help humans. Humans ARE nature. Nature is medicine.


So, please enjoy this mini-book if you'd like to explore my ideas about the healing power of nature, including research and data supporting the statement that "nature is medicine". There's also a relaxing guided imagery exercise, a story about how I incorporated eco-psychology into my work with patients (back when I had a healing center in Tucson), and some beautiful photos. The book can be read in 5-10 minutes. Hope it inspires you! 🤍

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