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Supplements + Products I LOVE

This page has affiliate links, which is something I'm experimenting with since I send business to Amazon every single day in my sessions. If one of these items looks like it might help you, use one of the links, and I'll receive a small commission. Book a private session for personalized recommendations. In the meantime, grab a few of my favorite products from the lovingly curated list below to augment your self-healing journey!  🤍

For Support with Stress, Anxiety

For Boosting Energy + Immune Support

For Detox Support

Healthy Home Inspo

Other Things I Love


For Inflammation

Immune Support, Continued

To Prevent Colds, Boost Immunity

Body Care Faves

Sleep Support

Books (See separate Books page, too!)

I wrote Chapter 28: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga in the book above.

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