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Books I LOVE

This page has affiliate links, which is something I'm experimenting with since I send so many people to Amazon in the course of my work. I am an avid reader, and people often ask my favorite or most impactful books. I have many favorites in multiple genres, so I thought I'd make a page about it here. If one of these books looks like it might inspire or entertain you, use one of the links, and I'll receive a small commission. Check my blog for Zodiac-aligned book reviews from the past few years.  Happy reading!! 🤍

Books, Fave Fiction I

Books, Fave Fiction III

Books, Fave Fiction Classics

Books, Fave Spiritual Non-Fiction II

Books, Fave Poetry

Books, Fave Fiction II

Books, Fave Fiction IV

Books, Fave Spiritual Non-Fiction I

Books, Fave Spiritual Non-Fiction III

Books, Fave Astrology

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