Holistic Health Mentorship I

If you are a MD, PA, NP, psychologist, therapist, or psychiatrist, and you desire to transition your practice to a more holistic model, you can learn from me!  I have a variable length (4-50-weeks) systems-based (psych, neuro, endocrine, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, reproductive, etc.) + special topics curriculum of 1:1 study in holistic health & medicine designed to help you:

1. Practice in a completely integrative fashion (blending traditional medicine with complementary alternatives or leaving behind traditional medicine altogether)

2. Develop spiritually (yourself)

3. Heal your own mind and body 

4. Learn to approach all common medical problems (mental and physical) thru an intuitive, earth-centered lens


5. Learn to properly nourish yourself (and your patients) with extensive Ayurvedic + whole foods/macrobiotic nutrition and Western + Eastern herbal medicine instruction

6. Learn the importance of digestion, gut microflora, and detoxification in health

7. Understand of the role of stress in illness and the role of nature/earth in rejuvenation

8. Learn to meditate and incorporate it into your life and work

9. Find your true path and unique niche within medicine/healing>>develop a career that perfectly  fits your lifestyle and personality

10. Understand that the foundation of healing is L      V E

Mentorship sessions are guided by the student's current professional practice
Thus, not every student receives each lesson in the same order or fashion. 
I will offer teaching, guidance, information & "processing" relevant to your own recent cases or we can hand-pick topics of specific interest. The sessions can be semi-scripted (topic/lesson list below) or open format---whatever is most helpful in the moment.
Case studies from my practice, occasional homework assignments, and personal + career coaching are also included.  

4-Week Mentorship:  4 60-minute 1:1 sessions with me to happen via Facetime or Skype .  $555

4-Week Mentorship + discounted 60-min Initial Psych or Ayurvedic Eval:  $850

8-Week Mentorship:  8 60-minute sessions with me via Facetime or Skype:  $999 ($1299 with eval)

25-Week Mentorship:  25 60-minute sessions to happen approximately every other week for one year.  Online via FT or Skype.  $3000 (or $3300 with eval)

50-Week Mentorship:  50 60-minute session to happen approximately every week for one year.  Online via FT or Skype.  You will know much of what I know after this and feel fully confident in the practice of holistic medicine.  $5885 ($6185 with eval)

To apply for mentorship, fill out the paperwork under the "services>>client paperwork" tab.  Return by email.  Space is limited.  If accepted, payment is via Paypal or Venmo.  Sessions are usually on Tu or Thurs.  

Lesson Topics: 

Psych/Mind: stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, sleep, addiction, eco-psychology, transpersonal psychology, mindfulness/meditation, trust/acceptance, and more. 


Body: pulmonary/lung, renal/kidney, cardiovascular, reproductive/sexual, hormones/endocrine, immune system/allergies/auto-immune, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal/microbiome, & neurology.

Spirit: intuition, shamanic skills, ceremony, ritual, expanded states of consciousness, vibrational healing, astrology, sound healing, expressive arts therapies, journaling, connecting with nature, mysticism, and more.

Special Sessions: yoga (practice + philosophy), nutrition, career coaching, karma/dharma, dreamwork, plant-spirit medicine, indigenous healing, ancestral healing, Ayurveda, homeopathy, self-actualization, and more.