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Holistic Health Mentorship II

Some of my clients have asked for a mentorship that isn't just for physicians, therapists, or health care providers.  I listened and have slowly been amending my professional mentorship curriculum to make it accessible to anyone who wants to learn from me.  

Medical plants with old books and letter
  • The Mentorship II curriculum has 4  tracks:  MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, & AYURVEDA.  Students can do 1, 2, 3, or all 4 tracks. Each track currently has six 60-minute lessons (maybe more in the future) that will be experienced 1:1 live via Skype or Facetime.

  • The MIND track will focus on psychology and learning related to anxiety, stress, depression, bipolar disorder, sleep, & ADHD + addiction. Patterns of thinking, shifting perspectives, self-love, compassion, trust, & other favorite topics are woven into the lessons. 

  • The BODY track will include sessions on immune support, hormone health (adrenal/reproductive/thyroid/pineal), gut health, pain, kidney/heart/lung, & cognitive support. 

  • The SPIRIT track will focus on more esoteric explorations:  plant-spirit medicine, energy medicine, shamanic skills, ritual/ceremony, life purpose, & creativity (muse chasing). 

  • The AYURVEDIC track will include a lesson on each the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), a session on some of the ancient spiritual perspectives that underlie Ayurveda, and 2 special topics: how to eat for each dosha & how to balance the doshas with herbs and lifestyle choices.

6 Session Mentorship: $880 for any 1 of the 4 tracks

12 Session Mentorship: $1650 for any 2 tracks

3-Track Mentorship PLUS:  $ 3350 for 18 session classes + 1 60-min personalized Ayurvedic Evaluation, Integrative Psychiatry Evaluation, or General Holistic Health Evaluation to be done at the start of the program, 1 60-min exploratory astrology session, & 1 60-min follow-up session 3-4 weeks after program completion.   

4-Track Mentorship PLUS - A 6-Month Program:  for true lovers of learning!!  $4000 for 24 classes covering all 4 tracks, 1 90-minute personalized health evaluation (Ayurvedic, Psychiatric, or General Holistic Health) at the beginning of the program, 1 "path finding" 90-min astrology session, & 1 60-min follow-up session to be done 3-4 weeks after completion of the program. This comprehensive experience can prepare you to serve as a health/wellness coach for others or can be a profound opportunity for transformation in your own life.  ❤︎

*Extra 30 min of time can be added to sessions for $450/track. This is recommended, if possible, to allow us to get through the lesson and have extra time to explore and improve your own health.  

To apply for mentorship, fill out the paperwork under the "more>>client paperwork" tab.  Return by email.  If approved, payment is via Paypal or Venmo.  Sessions are usually on Tu or Thurs.  

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