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I have been practicing yoga for 25 years and have been a certified instructor for 17 years.  I lived at a yoga ashram between medical school and residency for a full immersion in the yogic lifestyle, practice, and philosophy.  I wrote a book chapter on "Mindfulness, Meditation, & Yoga" for the Handbook of Wellness Medicine (Cambridge U Press, 2020). Yoga is profoundly healing & is a big part of my life. 


PRIVATE INSTRUCTION:  I intermittently offer yoga + coaching + nutrition + meditation + art + astrology (mixed-media healing arts) programs. I also sometimes teach special workshops and classes locally, wherever I am in the world (last one: 8/8/21 in Sayulita, Mex). I am always available for private yoga instruction online or in person. Sessions usually are alternated with psychotherapy or coaching, yogic philosophy, and  an Ayurvedic health evaluation to create a multi-layered healing experience.  Contact me to schedule your own custom Yoga-Ayurveda program.

I was featured on the Female Physician Entrepreneurs Facebook page in 2021 for my yoga practice, as well as my unique astro-medical work offerings and nomadic lifestyle.  This is a video I created for that feature.  It was filmed in Sayulita, Mexico, which is where I lived at that time. If interested in yoga, you might enjoy my Instagram, as well.

This video was made in Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica. I spent a few weeks working remotely there in 2022.

BENEFITS: Yoga is evidence-based as a treatment for depression, anxiety, diabetes, chronic pain, auto-immune conditions, stress, trauma, and more. It lowers inflammation in the body, builds resiliency, improves sleep, and boosts multiple neurotransmitter levels (GABA, serotonin, and dopamine). One of the quickest ways to jump start your health is to join a yoga studio and go to class 3-4 times per week.


MY TRUTH: I have given yoga a lot of my attention in my life. I was fortunate to discover it relatively early, before there were many yoga studios in America (or any where I was living!!). Yoga is one of the key things that helped me make it through my medical training. It helped me heal myself from burnout (twice), and it enables me to find a sense of home wherever I am in the world.


I gave yoga my heart, and it has given me a foundation for true happiness.

Photos taken at Playa Escondida, Hotelito de Los Suenos, My Sister's House (a small hotel), and the beach in Sayulita, Mexico; a studio in Punta Mita, Mexico; and a private jungle shala in Uvita, Costa Rica.

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