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The MOON TRIBE PROJECT is an online mind-body-spirit education and empowerment program I am presently "visioning". 


It will have tracks for teen (new moon - ages 13-18) and adult (full moon - 19 and up) women. 


The plan is for a 15-week ONLINE group coaching program with 15 modules (5 each mind, body, and spirit). The modules will be taught by amazing women leaders, healers, and colleagues who are experts in their fields. I will lead group coaching/healing sessions (within the same week) after the educational modules to discuss and process what was taught and how best to apply it. There will be additional video modules, workbooks, and journal prompts each week.This is a next level transformational experience!


Future directions for the program may include rotating topics and new instructors for students who want to be a part of the project beyond one "season". There is a possibility of mentorship pairings between adult and teen groups, a MOON TRIBE for preteens, an in-person program or retreat, a downloadable course, sponsorships (for tuition), possible non-profit tax status, and more. 


I started an IG account @moon.tribe.project that I hope to develop over time. Follow it to show your support + help the project grow. Join the waitlist below to be the first to hear updates, including when we're ready to go. If you are interested in contributing to the project as an instructor (a paid position), funding partner, or donor, please send an email to 


If you know a teen who could use this content now, please see the "Priestess" archetypal coaching program I've designed specifically for 1:1 mind-body-spirit coaching for teenage women.


Join the Waitlist

Add your name to be the first to hear updates about the new project and have the option to join before the program opens publicly.

The Tribe is gathering!!
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