Custom Mentorship III

Co-Create an Individualized Mentorship Experience with Me!

This is an open-concept, transformational mentorship experience that can be used for spiritual growth, career counseling, self-development, and professional development.  In most cases it is astrologically-guided to some degree, but other than that, it can go in any direction that might be helpful.  Some clients in this program have received coaching to help them find their most ideal career expressions. Others used the time to focus on amplifying or shifting their professions to be more fulfilling or lucrative.  Some clients in this program receive mentorship geared towards spiritual development, esoteric learning, and healing.  Still others receive a kind of open-ended psychological empowerment experience. 


It is my mission to help people reach their full potential and become their most exceptional selves!  

Island of the Sun Ancient Temple Site, Lake Titicaca

This is a non-scripted 1:1 online mentorship experience (ie, no set lessons or curriculum, unlike my other 2 programs). This is a time to develop a highly supportive personal relationship geared towards your development. It functions a bit like a 2-person "mastermind" team, if you are familiar with Napoleon Hill (his book is a classic--and a lot more mystical than you'd think!!). It is not psychotherapy. Most clients start with an astrology session or Ayurvedic Eval and move into mentorship to continue the relationship. You can book the initial reading or eval thru the scheduler and discuss mentorship with me during the session. Or simply send the paperwork found under the services tab.  Sometimes there is a waiting list. Availability depends on space in my schedule.

4 60-Min Sessions (every other week): $555

8 60-Min Sessions (every other week): $999

12 60-Min Sessions (every other week): $1444