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Manifesting with Astrology

Manifesting is a super fun topic! I enjoy talking about it!! And thinking about it!! And researching how it seems to coordinate with my own and my clients' astro charts. In this vid, I discuss circumstances in a birth chart that make a person an "easy manifestor". I also describe astro aspects than block manifesting and may explain why (karmically-speaking) some people are possibly meant to take the slower route.

I talk about several magic ingredients in manifesting from an energetic standpoint and offer some positive perspectives for those who are on that longer route (the manifesting-impaired). I also discuss a step-by-step process for aligning/timing your manifestation efforts to the astro energies that are most favorable FOR YOU at that time in your life. You'll ideally want a copy of your birthchart, and you can look up the current position of Jupiter (needed for my formula) online. It's also possible to get some value out of this vid even if you do not know anything about your astrology. If you have found your manifestation efforts to be variable, this vid could explain why.

To anyone reading--I hope you are able to manifest a little more magic and love 💗 (or compassion!!) in your life for having checked this out!! ✨🧙‍♂️✨

For more on this topic, check out my blog article:

Anyone who's manifested some magic lately, please leave your stories on the YouTube page!! I love to hear that kind of thing!! ⇩☟⇩ #manifesting #astrology #sagittarius #jupiter

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